How does a leo man act when they're not interested

Hey people I just wanted to know if a Leo guy isn't romantically interested in a girl how would he act if the girl is sh
Hey people I just wanted to know if a Leo guy isn't romantically interested in a girl how would he act if the girl is showing him interest?
I think he would withdraw from you so he doesn't encourage your thinking it's cool to pursue him. So he may still be friendly but just very basic friendly.

If you ignore this and continue to pursue to the point you got him annoyed, I think he would directly tell you to push off :-/
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Yep!! What they said ^^^^^^^
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I agree with Leogal, a typical Leo male will make it known if he's interested in you romantically or not, they are not subtle with their feelings. If you try to pursue him when he's not interested he will push you away... in a nice way though, they like to be friends with everyone.

some are subtle. or sneaky. I dont know...but before I got with my guy, the leo guys in my life that were just friends would say to me, "One day I will catch you for my own." And I laughed cause we joke around all the time. And I didnt /never took it seriously. It kind of made my eyebrow wtf? you joking haha. But I wonder....and they do tend to only like to be the center of attention. If i spend more energy /attention with another person that is a male, they will get upset. Even if i made it clear we are friends. And also, they have their gfs too. So everything seems so freaking odd and subtle. I cannot even begin to unravel this mystery. I just dont understand at times. And at times I do. Like they are secretly playing some game. Well whatever. It dont matter now. Just odd at the time. And goes to show you that there are leo men that do play a little secret game. They arent so blunt as you might think.
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It's all about attention with them.
They might not even like you romantically, but if you're friendly with them, and you're showing someone else more attention than them they're going to pout or act out. That's just how they are. It doesn't really matter if you're "just friends" or not.

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