Gemini Men 😍

By Cancer0712March 8, 2021 10:10am — 1 replies

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I have such a question. It's been on my mind since it happened again twice today.
i notice when im walking past couples most of the time they actively start showing pda or start to holding hands kissing i mostly mind my business and not checking for anybody so i thought it was strange after it happened like a dozen other times why
Dxpnet is canceled.
i think its finally safe to say we are dead i remember when a top tier post or even a new edgy member would get 20 likes with no effort anyone remember when a juicy thread could easily get 40 pages this use to happen weekly on multiple occasions m
Have you flown anywhere during pandemic?
if so what was your experience im under the impression that while its not 100 risk free its generally safe to fly due to high in-plane air circulation also where did you go i want to go to cali to meet a honey
Your Teenage Years
whats something fun and crazy that you remember doing as a teenager i do remember something hilarious and astrology related it started with a conversation i had with a friend back in middle school she brought up horoscopes and then i came up with the
USA Weed Resort
does anyone know of any shindigs in the us that s like a bnb wake n bake i wanna oil paint get high and gossip about the hierarchy
Do you know
who you are
Alternative Dwellings
a thread to post inspiration images resources etc of alternative dwellings lets get creative
EatTheRich or End of Days horror
http www bitelabs org has anyone seen this lately gotta say mind blown - particularly in light of the age old hollywood phelia cannibal saga rumours that have been circulating for years anyways hoax or reality what s your take deeexpuhs
my ppl got me banned
but not here thanks dxp lt 3 https www youtube com watch v sokdl-0iv9s amp list rdoiusde0knd8 amp index 8 amp ab channel sumerianrecords or https www youtube com watch v hpfetbwrgaw amp ab channel hardcoreworldwide
Texas Winter Power Issues
there is this rumor that the ercot manages the power grid cut off power to millions of people when its 0 degrees not because there was a lack of supply to meet demand because price on unregulated natural gas prices went up as the railroad commission