I know this is the million dollar question, Why do Cancer men ghost you?

By rae-rae218January 4, 2021 8:19pm — 9 replies

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Chase or not chase a cancer man
so i read this on an article what do you guys think about it true false chase him if he shows interest you ve got to know how to make a cancer man want you back if he initiates flirtation or shows that he is interested in more than a friendship
Cancer Men Loosing Interest
what are some obvious signs a cancer man is not in love with you anymore can a cancer man be honest about them loosing interest will a cancer man cheat before breaking up with you
The thing with cancer men..... they are simple
i was once under the cancer spell the pull forward and backward in my experience of being with one for about 6 years they aren t as mindplaying as you think the are so simple in that when they want you they want you you don t have to guess or p
I keep attracting cancer men , aargh what’s going on?
if you follow me i got out of a really long relationship with a cancer it ended bad i don t put myself out there as i m not actively dating however opportunities keep setting me up in situations where i go on dates the last 3 were all cancer me
How to relate to or flirt with him?
hi i have gotten curious about the world of astrology lately and is usually very pursuant when interested in someone he is younger than me been in three relationships in an age of 22 and we met out having fun when i had left a relationship of many
Cancer man coming back but not all the way?
hi everybody hope y all can help me out i have been dating this cancer man for 3 months now the last month we haven t been on speaking terms cause of an argument that we had a month ago he felt as if i was making issues out of small things and inste
Is it true cancer men often look for a woman who resembles their mom?
like for instance would you date a woman that mothers you
Interested in Learning More about the Cancer Men
for those who know i am in love with my cancer boofriend i have taken in a lot of consideration on what youve all told me i took it down a notch which was needed now that i have looked back and reflected our situation i came to the realization that h
Do cancer men like distance?
this man is only a fwb i mean when we re together it feels like a relationship but it s basically we re together but without the title sort of thing which it has been hard to say the least because i ve caught feelings anyway i haven t showed him any f
Cancer men big libido?
hello 21 years old virgo girl and 21 years old cancer men i love him very much the best kisser i ever had but i am surprised because is very sexual person not shy like the rest of cancers i meet he has cancer sun libra moon mars and venus in