Listening to my fav cd

By sweetheartsDecember 18, 2010 3:51pm — 3 replies

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this is the best song ever http www youtube com watch v 9pt7-5erzxu
Got a call from a police offier
he says to me im sorry shadows but i cant issue you a handgun permit while your license is suspended i said m
nothing personal but you people are fucking boring people who have something going for there selfs v b ella bellab
i for one wont miss 2010 personally it was a s t year for me anyone else feel the same
this is as close as i can get to a xmas image i think we shoul d all post our xmas images
Theres nothing worse in the world
than hearing a song you like in the car and not knowing the name of it and then trying to find it later on youtube
10 days ninji's
hurry you can still make up for being bad i know i am ive be too nice so tonight im going snowman killing
so i always get the feeling god and the dead are watching and have access to my evil thoughts and know the inner workin
become part of history
epic guys i dont cry but im starting too tear up
Shooting Stars
geminid meteor shower december 13-14 dont miss it its supposed to be the best one of the year 60 an hour