May I come in since I was greeted?

By GemiMayApril 6, 2022 1:02am — 10 replies

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Dogs playing Knock Knock joke
please re-post it it s soooo funny
The art of attraction
this question is for both the women and the men how do you personally go about attracting the person of your desires do you have a certain perfume cologne do have nice breast eyes mouth legs or ass and know how to use those to your advantage do
dont do synastries of ur exes with eachother
so many trines and conjuctions lolll
How do you start your day?
morning everyone how do you start the day i have to reflect for a good half an hour stretch for another half hour then i have my coffee after that i kettle swing for 20-30 or go for a walk with my doggo i think my cap moon plays a part in the ref
The best “Ghosters” of the Zodiac
which zodiac sign do you think is the best at ghosting give your reasons i personally think taurus and sags are the best signs at ghosting from my experience xoxo
So this is what WW3 looks like
it just seems inevitable that we are going to end up in this we have already chosen a side and taken small actions its just inevitable to me
Something you expected the least from a sign
i didnt think pisces would hold grudges weirdly enough every pisces ive met holds a grudge more than a cancer or scorpio also ive learned over time sags can be pretty controlling towards people they care about or their families
why do you you not want a position of leadership what makes you think you would be a good bad leader
2022 Gas Price Tracker
i just thought it would be interesting to track gas prices in different places and just watch them soar over time