aquarius and pisces

By aqueenApril 25, 2005 11:47am — 6 replies
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pisces and aquarius
i just recently had two relationships with aquarius i am a pisces female and the first was good but he didn show me any afftection and the second he messed me over horribly why is that is it normal for aqua to be like that
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im the secret admirer of a pisces woman she is a dear friend and i have fallen in love with her why do they say aquarius and pisces don t work and should i tell her how i feel
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i was born on the 19th of february and i am always confused as to which sign i am in some books and sites i am pisces and others i am aquarius help which one am i supposed to read my birthday is right on the edge of when it changes from aquarius and p
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has anyone had any relationships with a pisces and what was it like