Jealous or nahhh

By CrabNextDoorAugust 7, 2017 3:57pm — 5 replies

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some family issues here my sister and i are both gemini im a taurus moon shes scorpio moon she is married has three kids and im single we live across from eachother shes two years older ive always been very protective of her and would act l
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single ladies dont be desperate no more your dream husband exists and he might be very close from you right now there he exists the companion that you dont really reward with affection like you should -more than once he cuddled you to slee
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so i am venus dominant sun-neptune conjunct in the 7th and very romantic p my life whether in a relationship or single is romantic i listen to romantic music surround myself with flowers wear feminine clothes use essential oils for perfume and
Scared of losing Gemini man
hes a gemini im a sagittarius weve been talking for the past few months i do not know much about geminis hes my first from what i understand they like their space as do i he went poof for a little over a week and fibbed about why that bothered m
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i have been involved with this cancer man off and on for 3 long years and i think it might be it this time i did say some horrible things in reaction to his cancer control i am a 45 year okd picean woman not sure what he expected but enough of that
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write something that annoys you about the modern world i hate that most to all relationships nowadays is not about genuine care and admiration for the person youre with but rather about two parties just using each other for some gain i wouldnt use
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hi i am addicted drugs alchohol no person hmm hmmmm what what what are you addicted to drugs or alchohol no what was your problem than i am addicted to a person n hmmm hmmm is the person alive yes are you sure last tim
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be specific if you are talking about sun moon venus mars please and if you are talking about male or female
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however he has a court ordered co-parenting situation with his ex and that is the only things that makes her attempt to work at co-parenting my sons father and i have an agreement that if we introduce anyone to our son that person has to meet the othe
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my libra ex he was attentive loving kind etc over time he became jealous aggressive there were signs of infidelity he denied this libra was rushing the relationship he wanted me to move in get married etc we would always argue about my commitment