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By hellosaggyMay 26, 2018 10:39pm — 5 replies
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hello i am a girl with sagittarius sun libra rising and cancer moon as my venus is in acquarius i always tend to fall in love with acqua guys but i usually need to much attention from them because they are free spirits and they run away but if some
Fighting with my Sag friend
so a couple of days ago i got into a bad fight with my sagittarius friend i have a lot of issues with anxiety and depression and sometimes i have panicky meltdowns over situations well she was away on a trip for school for the weekend and wasnt talkin
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so i really admire my sag friends for their ability to bounce back from bad situations or hurt feelings heres my question to you guys how do you handle missing someone but you know that the situation doesnt warrant you missing them how do you put
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and im bored i tried to post this once before but i think it posted in the main astrology forum so im sorry if this posted in the sag forum twice i need some advice here because i need him to be more con
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ive read that sagg likes their space and i totally get that i dont like clingy etc too however how exactly do i give this guy space if i can tell he likes me and seems to want me around usually i just go away for a day or so completely unreachable
Burning Candles at both Ends
idk bout you horses but ive been nonstop since nov 2017 pluto trine mars transit maybe well today i hit a wall in bed sick w a fever but i 2 shows in 2 weeks are you saggis busy any homeopathic therapy for energy how are you gearing
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hello there dear sagittarius what could you tell me about this very intense but also funny and spontaneous sagittarius gent sagittarius sun stinger moon sagittarius mercury water bearer venus water bearer mars so far he has not been shy
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im in my parents home now and my phone was turned off and i didnt even know and he was trying to call me all day and to the way to his home a dog bite him now hes fucking angry at me because my phone was off and im scared we love each other but i
Nicki Minaj
went the fawk off in both her new songs she even gave the rest of horses a shout out ive had both on repeat how do other saggis feel about what transpired between her and cardi and her new music i feel like she used the retrograde to ge