Hmmmm. I think scorpios might say no to one thing, but leave other things open. Women help me out!

By hellosaggySeptember 20, 2017 11:02pm — 8 replies
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hi sorry for the long topic but im really mad and disappointed and i dont know how im gonna move on i met a scorpio man while visiting my family in peru my family is spanish we hit it off right away and i felt a strong connection with him i thou
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there is a scorpio woman i cant really stop thinkin about who showed interested over 4 days when i was working with some people on one of her places she owns in the past a couple years ago she showed interest but was more open and not as shy and didnt
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i know everything that my scorpio tries to do without me noticing but im psychic so nothing works lol
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if you are a stupid woman - otherwise - arent other men evil if you are smart well who am i kidding scorpio men are evil thats why this forum is overly populated because everywoman hate scorpio because they cant have them fireworks
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i am a scorpio woman that met a libra man almost five years ago when i first met him i committed my first error- not telling him i was in a serious relationship even though all i wanted from him was a friendship we hung out a couple times and well in a
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which of the following placements would make a boy secretly record yall having sex circulate your nudes in a group text and mock things you say with their friends oh and cheat on his girlfriend really bad img http i67 tinypic com sq319w jpg img
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hello beautiful souls this is my first post and i really need your opinion because im feeling sick of this story im opening up with you because i feel there will be somebody there understunding i am a scorpio sun 2 decan virgo moon four years ag
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im an aquarius sun sign and i cant say anything about them cause i never been close to any scorpio before i dont want to judge them before even knowing them
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hi i went away to school for 2 years -grad school and she left as well med school we were together 3 years through college now shes lost her romantic feelings and wants us to be friends we split up about a year ago it was just too much we are both