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Celeb Signs You Had Crushes On Growing Up..
just curious what are the celebrities growing up as a teenager you were attracted to or currently heres mine - cindy crawford pisces robin givens sag heather locklear - libra iman - leo alyssa milano - sag pj harvey -
Holding grudges
which sign stays mad the longest and during that time should you give them their space or reach out to them and why leo sag cancer libra gemini aries virgo
i need a help about a cancer guy
i am a capricorn girl and he is cancer i know heres my story and i know i fucked up i met this guy and we started going out a lot talking everyday texting etc he would always be the first to contact when we tried sleeping together he couldnt
Do cancer males move on and quickly forget?
just wanted to know when i showed a cancer ex a old screenshot he asked you still have that its been months just wanted to know if they quickly erase people from their mind and expect them to move on quickly too
Why is cancer male distant/cold/mean to me when he mistreated me?!
i am a pisces woman and my cancer male was out of a long term relationship but he approached me and began doing everything sweet to pull me in once we began dating he was unsure about his feelings for his ex i suggested he find out what he wanted to do
DXP couple ship!
which 2 dxpers do you think would make a great couple lets make it fun i say taurusinshania and lordcomplexity
How to handle this break up
so last night me and bf broke up hes a leo im virgo in spite of what every zodiac says about us i find it not to be true some things yea but not everything anyway i found out he was still texting his ex i wasnt mad because they had years of off again
Would you bet on this pairing? asc scorp sun leo moon cancer X asc pisces sun scorp moon pisces
hey had some previous experience dating scorps with varying degrees of success always seem to run into them god knows why kind of avoided them for a bit as of late since my last encounter with one didnt go over too well but recently ive been hangin
which mars gave you the best lay whats your mars which gave you the worst