My love Scorpio idiot

By GemitatiSeptember 13, 2017 2:13am — 10 replies
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Help fellow scorps
so ive been with this 28 taurus guy for a over two month now and finally decided that i wanted to have sex with him this was a huge step for me because i am a 24 virgin scorpio we started making out on the couch like usual and then he moved me to
Scorpio woman.... what to expect?
so the ex that picked her boyfriend up at the airport yesterday called me twice today which i ignored and texted me twice the last text was just because hes back doesnt mean we have to stop talking so i texted back on that one i made my i
fellow scorps how do you handle those who come back
hello hello ive missed my dxp friends so its official that uranus is now in my 7th house opposing my ascendant venus and jupiter and i can definitely feel it it makes all relationships feel like i want to pull my hair out as im pulled in
This Scorpi is pissing me off
so a briefing - we study in the same university and share two classes together his best friends are my classmates and are a bunch of assh es he showed intense interest in me last year from august the interest level was so high that when i left for vaca
how do you guys feel about scorpio suns with virgo venuses what about venus in the 11th house opinions
Tan lines
do you species like tan lines on women speciallybif your body is dark and ass and dick is white just wondering
Scorpio date after breakup
i recently started talking to my ex scorpio after a breakup two months ago the breakup was pretty bad and dealt with alot of my not emotionally understanding her and her infidelity when we started texting again she sent me sexuctive videos but i asked
Scorpio moon with a Scorpio Venus compatibility
hey guys i was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this combination a scorpio moon dating a scorpio venus im just curious really im not dating this person just wondering what it would be like if we did from an astrological point of view
Venus in Scorpio ☺️☺️
i love yall i just realized a connection with my true loves in the past almost all of them had this placement my goodness the clingy possessiveness and the fact you wanna be engulfed with your lover makes me wanna turn yall inside out and li
hello this is my very first post i have a few questions that i hope you can all help me with so i am a scorpio male born the 30 of october long story short i broke up with my ex because of his excessive flirting and hookup app usage when i discove