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  • Ask me anything!
  • Posted by yupvirgoo

    Will my wife agree to having 3 more kids?

    Will I have a daughter?

    You usually get what you want so I feel with a bit more of a push you may not get 3 but DEFF one more at least. I would need to see a pic of you to know for sure but my gut is usually right.
  • rabidtalker
    My natal chart is in my profile photos.
    Posted by MissCEO
    Ask me anything!

    Hello and thank you for doing this. Feeling low lately, sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by corruption. Will there be something to make me feel better about this and humanity in general?
  • TaurusinTexas
    Taurus Sun; Scorpio Moon; Sag Rising; Gemini Mercury; Taurus Venus; Cancer Mars
    Is 2017 going to be a better year for my life? Love, work, etc? Is this too broad?
  • Am I being deceived?
  • Deedee86
    Will "B" and I end up together?

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