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Posted by yupvirgoo

Will my wife agree to having 3 more kids?

Will I have a daughter?

You usually get what you want so I feel with a bit more of a push you may not get 3 but DEFF one more at least. I would need to see a pic of you to know for sure but my gut is usually right.
My natal chart is in my profile photos.
Posted by MissCEO
Ask me anything!

Hello and thank you for doing this. Feeling low lately, sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by corruption. Will there be something to make me feel better about this and humanity in general?
Taurus Sun; Scorpio Moon; Sag Rising; Gemini Mercury; Taurus Venus; Cancer Mars
Is 2017 going to be a better year for my life? Love, work, etc? Is this too broad?
Am I being deceived?
💀 The dreams are the skeleton of all reality. 💀
Would 2017 a better year for me? And what do you see me? chrious question.
Will "B" and I end up together?

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