Taurus Introvert issues?

By Blairjones512September 18, 2018 1:11am — 7 replies
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this is an interesting topic i guess but for i am a pisces i cannot get a few points from this may taurus man hope someone would have clear perspectives on this matter background we are compatible we accidentally texted the same message to each ot
My codependency...
makes him feel loved well it makes me feel like a psychopath and pathetic is this typical of taurus men do you not care if a woman wants to be with you 24 7 and do everything for you im trying to battle this head on and he knows it but to an exte
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he has a taurus sun moon and mars a pisces venus aries mercury we are in a relationship and i know all the usual candles-food-sex tips for usual taureans so please if you have something beyond that something more sublte what can i say and do s
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im a taurus moon capricorn venus aries mars scorpio and i just realized that while i absolutely love my man im terrified to tell him that i want to marry him and have his baby i feel like by saying it im jinxing it idk i just cant bring myself
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my ex cheated on me and mentally and physically abused me for years we have two kids together and i left him for a year to get away from the abuse i finally got in contact with him thinking he had changed and he was sorry which he was at first and he was
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is normal for a taurus man to want to keep you as a friend when they break up with you i normally block and stop talking exes thats why i am so conflicted now he broke up with me and told he has feelings and that hurting but i find that so hard to be
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that i want to text this taurus so if you guys read my previous posts about this taurus who our paths keep crossing then you will understand i texted him saturday and basically said to have a great day he didnt text back and that was cool but then
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they say caps r all bout go all in after their goals but all i can say is yikess
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i met this taurus aries cusp back in february of 2016 he was bartending and since then our paths have been crossing neither of us have ever had this happen before so here is the story it s kind of cute actually so i meet him in 2016 bartending a