Appréciation post :Virgo man

By LeJuly 6, 2019 12:03pm — 5 replies
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hello again people okay so this one is kinda confusing not ugly but confusing so we have had plenty of ugly fights in june june was bad but then we always find our way back to each other and get normal now he has an extremely important exam on mid
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so i met my guy on a a more obscure dating app we talked for like 2 weeks and then finally met up i was even late lol he says he doesnt remember but k know he does anyway the first time i went over i noticed some girl stuff in the shower and just vibe
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my mother aries pisces rising got lung cancer in august 2018 what to say the whole family saw a whole spectrum of pain like every day was a different colored pain hurted too much especially for me knowing what will happen because i didnt had any
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ok sorry for the endless questions but could a kind soul help me clarify something please im so confused a virgo male id known for a while had expressed interest in me we began talking and basically flirted talked daily for about 3 months hed as
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if youve been jokingly flirting and talking to a virgo who seemed to be into you too and then you make a remark about doing a specific activity together with them that they also wanted to do and they say oh yes just gotta get everything lined up first
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i have noticed that the meanest people i come across are either virgo women or aries men and if the virgo isnt explicitly mean or rude they are just cold as hell its one thing to be really blunt and honest its another to be an ice queen who is only
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he has scorpio rising aquarius moon leo venus virgo mars weve known each other over a year and were intimate for months before i left his country hes been in touch almost daily which i like and thats why were going to reunite in sept like a
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