Virgo's do not show any Emotions

Virgo's miss out on Love. They find i and think its to good to be true and loose it, What a shame. So when they miss out why try again
The reason why virgos don't show emotions is because we choose not to dwell on them.Especially if we're melancholic.So don't put us on the spot !!
am not putting them on the spot that is virgo's. that just how they are and i think they we always be alone and lonely. Pretented to be happy and really not. missing out on real friends. Don't want to trust think someone out to use them, won't step out on Faith , need to keep that comfort Zone. And always a nerves weack
Don't kid yourself - I'm a Virgo girl with a Sagittarius rising and I can be OVER-emotional! I'm don't have a great deal of patience and I tend to complain when things go wrong. In love, I don't trust my judgment or feelings because I hate making mistakes. I'm 34 years old, and I have yet to meet someone who can help me deal with that.
A nervous wreck? Is that what you think about Virgo's? Think again...yes, please- think again.
virgos are shy and don't want to be involved in emotional things..all this does is cause more problems and then their critical side comes out..they are really hard on themselves more than others..they have all these emotions bottled up to protect others..believe me when they want they can inflict emotions that can cause a earthquake..
Because nothing ventured is nothing gained 64.192. Im totally sprung over a Virgo girl. Ive never met anyone who is so perfect in my eyes. We converged harmonically and complement each other incredibly, however I think we may have gotten too close , much faster than she expected which aroused her fear of being hurt, and she became distant.. This combined with her Virgo tendency to suppress her feelings almost led me to believe that she'd grown totally indifferent. Then I realized that even though she'd distanced herself, she continued to affirm her love for me, just not so much verbally. It was the little things she did that I alone could percieve which left me no doubt that she loved me , just as much as I do her. We needed to avoid unwanted friction and meddling from our respective families, so our relationship developed undercover. Circumstance dictates that it remain that way (but not for long!!!). Due to our individual living situations ,we dont have much freedom to be with each other in person whenever we want, but we supplement this by being in constant contact through other means. We both know that each of us is there for the other........ and always will be.
You're lucky to have found her. Virgos are NOT without feelings - they're just shy, reserved and uncomfortable showing them.
My ex boyfriend was a virgo. I loved him dearly, and did everything in my power to secure an emotional and stable relationship. I am a cancer. The only person he really let into his "world" was me, because he trusted me totally and knew I would never hurt him. In the end, he hurt me tremendously. His emotions are almost nonexistant - I rarely saw them. He would put them in a box, put the lid on them, and put them away. We had a very intense relationship -(in a good way). I still
can't believe he doesn't miss that. He seemed to move on quickly, while I had to put back together a very broken heart.
Please don't even speak about the Virgo's broken heart. I'm absolutely positive that the Virgo -does love you more than you can even conceive as being possible.
unfortunately, he didn't show it - said it - but lacked in action. It's very unfortunate, because I need to feel secure in a relationship, and never did. How does one tell, and how can you be so sure?
we dont show emotions becaus most of are shy and want to get hurt we donot wear our hearts on our sleeve and people can not understand that we love just like every one else but you have to make us feel comfortable and then you will never want to be without us every sign has there flaws and our is that we dont want you to know everything about us until were good and ready!
I was in this for 1 year. The man trusted me immensely - brought me into his nucleus - and then kicked me away because he wanted to be single, without telling me (in the most hurtful way). Our relationship was very intense with so much involved. He provoked jealousy (which I can't handle), and was non emotional about so many things. Many times I would feel empty and lonely.
Plus - he was incredibly selfish. But I still loved him - because not everyone is perfect, so I was deeply hurt.
guess some people deal with things better than others..frankly i don't understand these people very well..what the hell do they want ! much can you give!.
Yes, what the hell do they want? I was deeply hurt - but am so much stronger. Now I will search for someone who truly deserves me and vice versa. The "virgo" lost out! Trust me!
I like what 64 and 198 had to say - thanks guys!
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