"Don't take me seriously"

By daisy57February 26, 2021 9:08am — 8 replies
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how okay are you with
being in a relationship where you dont really get to see or be with each other for months to years due to mainly work arrangements but theres steady communication and deep emotional attachment
Saturn Return?
so its not exact yet but im already drowning in group and organization responsibilities and stuff its funny because with my big 3 im not a fan of getting bossed around yet everyone seems to love it when im in charge so to all my fellow capricorn
Could this Cap be the one or is he playing with me?!
so i just recently met a cap man little backstory i felt his energy the moment i laid eyes on him idk why i was so drawn to him i was pleasantly surprised when he asked for my number we went to dinner the next day and it just confirmed everything i fel
Your favorite Cap Quote?
please post yours loneliness sometimes gives me a quantity of creativeness - youre drinking another glass of wine and youre feeling even worse art doesnt work without pain art also exists for compensating pain love is like a flower even the m
I lied to my new Capricorn boyfriend
i don t know how to lie first of all i m really bad at it i lied to him i told him i was out with friends when i was actually home alone dealing with the pain that i was feeling because of my mums death i didn t wanted to worry him or anybody else i w
Date with Cap man
i havent been on an official date in forever so cut me some slack here but i left the house in all black with a black blazer that had studs and black ankle boots so basically a rocker about to go into a meeting i forgot my mask so i had to go back in
how do
how do you sneakily introduce a capricorn man to new things the direct approach seems to make him resent me thinking im selfish coz i just want my way all the time he had work three and a half hrs before i asked him if maybe we can grab a snack before
Which Zodiac sign man loves Capricorn women?
except libras with virgo venus
Crushing on a Cap
so i basically i saw this cap guy at work and i snooped on his social media which is not private we became friends and weve been chatting through dm nothing major but since the start i was super attracted to him and just the way he carried himself ar