cap guys

By buddingmoleculesJuly 29, 2021 12:42pm — 1 replies
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so witnessing my friends family and people around me dying during this pandemic makes me realize that when it finally gets me im afraid the last thing i will remember when im dying is probably some non-spiritual bullshit like work and debt which
Cancer man with a Scorpio moon
hello this will be my first time posting here lol but anywho so i ve been knowing this cancer man for almost 10yrs now we somewhat dated some time ago and i know for a fact he was super into me because he would always let me drive his cars and never
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i met a capricorn man about 3 weeks ago exchanged numbers and didn t speak to him for week as he was reaching out yet he stated persistent and i gave him a chance he s invited to his family house last weekend and was holding my hand and he s so differe
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a google search led me to something someone had posted 6 years ago asking for help lol because of the amount of capricorn in their chart i completely relate and wonder if anyone else is in a similar position amp facing similar obstacles i m still qu
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hello capricorn this is not my not first topic here as i have already wrote before about my story with a capricorn girl that i met on social media application and that i had an instant attraction to her we have been talking for a year now she calls m
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to a capricorn man the list -youre so boring -insensitive -a cuck -lame in bed -loser -not passionate -lacks imagination -inarticulate uncommunicative -so slow -stubborn -too serious -glass half empty -lazy
Cap man/cancer moon/Pisces Venus
anyone know how a man in his early 40s with those placements would be like of course in general and overall description i just can t wrap my head around how a somewhat cold sun would be like with so much water
Capricorn, intuition, dreams, spiritual communication
since 2010 i have been in contact with a cap man who to shorten a long story we ended communication mutually in 2019 throughout our time crossing paths we would both discuss having dreamt of eachother and various strange circumstances of how i knew inf
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he is cheating on his wife since 2nd month of 6 years old marriage
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