Help me choose!

By SirHornsApril 17, 2021 1:07am — 11 replies
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I miss you
cappy man disappeared for few days and reappeared lol brief few messages and told me what happened over the long wknd and boom suddenly a text message times difference between us i was still asleep saying he miss me when i got up saw the message i r
Why now???
my non-committal cap ex sons dad is now saying he wants to marry me it figures he is saying this now 3 years after i left and now that i have finally started to move forward with my life i wish i could say this was an april fools joke why now this fe
Is this behaviour normal?
i met a lot of weird guys but this capricorn guy takes the prize so we met online and he texted me everyday we flirted a lot with each other i didnt take him seriously because i thought he is playing with me then last week he said he wanted to meet a
Capricorn man when grieving. What is helpful for you?
i know everyone is different but what are capricorn men like when they are grieving have been talking to a long time friend daily for a couple of months now he came over for dinner last week we hadnt seen each other in five years and told me his da
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i thought this was a prank lol lets see if she can still be successful without him https vt tiktok com zsjfs7t7e
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so i ve been dating this cap guy and it s been such an emotional roller coaster i don t know what to make of him a little back story we met hit it off right away hun went back to chicago where he s from we had some issues with communication once he wen
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hi all cappies hope you re all well i have read half of the forum upto page 164 and finally decided to post a question please be honest be brutal or what have you so i can make my mind up long story short met this cap man online things were going r a
SirHorn's Mountain
https i gifer com 4gff gif since i believe many caps are still recovering from capricon planet gangbang all the cardinal signs endured for the last few months i moved my mountain upfront if youre wondering yes every capricon on this board owns at l
"Don't take me seriously"
he said it after showing me his naked body for the first time he is cap male venus in aqua its funny how he say these random musings i like talking to you i like when you are happy why are you ignoring me when i am not you are my frien
how okay are you with
being in a relationship where you dont really get to see or be with each other for months to years due to mainly work arrangements but theres steady communication and deep emotional attachment