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  • Well my aqua man just broke it off yesterday with me I'm not sure what to do he just wants to be friends as things were getting too intense between us, I have to admit I gave my heart to him, not sure what to do, I went for coffee at his place today and i
  • Aqua with a Capricorn moon, Aquarius mars and Venus, and Pisces Mercury. Any experience? I just met someone and I'm kind of skeptical and wanted to see if anyone could relate lol
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  • Aqua guys - I'm interested in my aqua friend and can't get a read on if his interest in me is friend level or potentially romantic. He takes me to romantic places, we have great conversations, laugh at each other's jokes, and every time we end a hang
  • Aqua guys - I have an aqua male friend who I'm interested in as more than a friend but I can't get a read on what he is thinking. He takes me to romantic spots, we have long walks and talks and at the end of a hang out, he always sets a plan for the next
  • We dated 6 months and he broke up with me because he wanted his freedom back. This is the first time I've been in love in 6 years and it's been really hard on me. It's been two months and I'm still not over it. Still think about him daily. I can'
  • He broke up with me. It's been two months and I'm still not over it. I think about him daily. We dated only 6 months but I really love him. The breakup came out of nowhere because he wanted to be free and wasn't ready for a relationship. This is after
  • I am a libra woman who has been friends with this Aqua guy for two years now.. We knew we got along very well but he always disappeared so I never really taught much of it. Not until about three months ago when we started seeing each other properly. He wa
  • I have an aquarius man I met and started dating....everything was explosive his intelligence and mind lured me in...we spend hours on the phone...when I say hours 7 to 8 hours...when we spend time together it's amazing...but as of late the past few days h
  • Just slept with one of you guys. Best sex I've had in a long time.....shit I think I'm in love.
  • Do I ignore him ? Keep my responses short ? Things used to be different but I feel like he's getting comfortable and I want to break that.
  • what does it mean if an aquarius man says he is not in the right state of mind to be with someone at the moment?
  • i told an aquarius man i had feelings for him after years of friendship and flirting back and forth. his response was he wasn't in the right place mentally to be with anyone right now. does it take a while for aquarius to open up or is he telling the trut
  • So. I'm still involved with this Aquarius. Whenever we fall out he says horrible things to me then opolgises a few days later. He really has crossed the line after our last argument now as he's telling me he's sleeping with 4 or 5 other girls. I'm totally
  • I'm fairly new to this so I'm just trying to see if someone could break this down for me. I ran both our birth charts (mine and a previous lover). Me: Sun 10°15' Aquarius Moon 28°04' Sagittarius Mercury 01°39' Aquarius Venus 06°52' Capricorn Mars
  • Bit confused I'm an aqua girl but don't think I've ever tested someone in a relationship, just got this weird feeling that he's testing me. Been getting loads of Facebook messages from guys trying to add me some I think are friends of some of his. Just ra
  • ?
  • Ok, I'm looking for anyone who has any advice on dealing with an Aqua Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aqua Venus. I'm trying to better myself and I would like to know what others have experienced with this combo or any part of this combo. I find it hard to see what I'
  • Dealing with this Aquarius male is starting to drive me crazy. I really do like him and I believe he likes me too but sometimes he can just be so hot and cold. Sometimes I have to even just ask him certain things to see where his mind is as far as us and
  • I will try to make this as short as possible: I'm Taurus, divorced for 7 months, she is an Aqua, divorced for 5-6 years, with a cute daughter. Since summer we've been interacting more and more, mainly online. We saw each other, but not so much. In the
  • Describe your relationship with your Aquarius man. Are you happy? Was it a huge disappointment being with an Aqua Male? What are your testimonies concerning how he acted towards you in your relationship as friends, fwb or husband and wife?
  • Not good at sign readings.. but what do you make of this? Me: Sun: Taurus Moon: Cap Mercury: Taurus Venus: Gemini Mars: Taurus Jupiter: Sag Saturn: Scorp Uranus: Sag Neptune: Sag Pluto: Libra She: Sun: Aqua Moon: Sag Mercury: Aqua
  • Was dating an aqua guy the earlier part of 2016 (7 months). The last time I saw him was on my Birthday which was Sept 22. A week before this I had admitted to him that I was falling for him, but it appeared we wanted different things so I suggested we p