What's your guys biggest turn ons?

Dumpy Old Fart
1) Taurus Tart
2) Virgogirl
Oh, boy, let's not even go there... Too late, I'm already there.
Biggest turn on in a man, in general, is CONFIDENCE. That one is huge for me. Looking smart and confident and in control and like he definitely knows what he's doing... Truth be told, I only experienced that once, with an Aries man, and... I won't go into details, but let's just say he 100% deserved the nickname I gave him after first sleeping together. He was a sexgod and did everything PERFECTLY.
As for physical turn-ons, yeah, the head is highly erogenous to me, stroking my hair or my face or my neck just drives me crazy and I find it oh, so sensual. In fact, the best, most sensual experience I had in that respect was with a Taurus man. His focus was mostly on the kissing, but boy, o, boy, was he a GOOD kisser. I still dream about that..
And yeah, definitely kinky stuff too. Even just talking about it. Like restraints, light spanking, being told what to do (sexually, of course)...
Everything starts in the mind, though. And I mean everything. So I try my best to stay open about it.
This subject is over done. Go find the original and read that.
38 years old
I get turned on by someone asking what turns me on. It shows me that the person cares about what I like. To me that is SEXY ...espcially if i know it's coming from the person heart...YUM YUM
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Bubble gum

High heels










Worthy debate




If this was supposed to be sexual: everything and nothing. It changes everyday. The smaller list is what doesn't turn on an Aries
Posted by sugaries
Not sure how you mean? What turns me on in general...or qualities in the opposite sex?

I like when guys grab/hold my face when we're kissing. Or play with my hair. Pull away a little bit when we're kissing...lip biting. Biting in general. Restraints. Deep voices.

My ex would pull away in the middle of a kiss and run his tongue across my bottom lip. I don't know why but it sent heat waves all over my body. I think bc it reminds me of licking...my other lips =^_^=


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