Teaser Topic: Most Evil Sign

By MikeNYNYCJune 4, 2021 7:30pm — 193 replies
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Meet your slave, then switch;
everyone meet your master now meet your slave not literally but maybe in a nutshell find your opposite sign the one who is 6 signs away from you in the zodiac the sign preceding that is your slave while the sign following your opposite sign is
Which powerful Zodiac sign are actually good at being submissive?
consider they does not receive any external supports like having pisces moon
Do you ever notice how people exhibit the extreme good and bad traits of their South node and North?
now i can only speak from 2 generation sn nn sets because ive met and observed the most people from those ones for aries sn libra nn ive noticed that everyone swings on the spectrum of extreme codependency or extreme independence theres a theme of
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in light of the friends reunion i noticed that the cast all has one major planet in scorpio david schwimmer scorpio sun lisa kudrow scorpio moon matthew perry scorpio moon jennifer aniston scorpio mars matt leblanc scorpio mars none for courtney
Aquarius man coming back after fall out?
backstory we went on a few dates had sex and then had a fall out cuz he pretty much stood me up a year has gone by and we both dated other people throughout the year we would message and apologize for how he acted i just ignored them as i was in a r
Question about Venus placement in houses synastry
my partners venus is in my 8th house ive read a tiny bit about it and it seems that the effect is more on me from my understanding i dont know how houses work in synastry to planets but could yall shed a light on this does this mean that i would be
Saturn Return and Degree in Natal Chart
i was thinking about our saturn return and was thinking about whether it lasts for a shorter amount of time if it is at a later degree i e 25-29 degrees my saturn is around that range and correct me if im wrong but my return is due at age 29 and
If the Hunger Games was real, which Zodiac sign would have the most winners?
https media3 giphy com media 13jv1x6tgwm3i8 giphy gif cid 6c09b952df9763a79c40930ee115c98fa01a085887a2a2a5 amp rid giphy gif
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https youtu be 7fbvknmrrja so this is something i ve been thinking about for as long as i can remember reading the comments and posts on this site i can tell no one is even thinking about how what we re studying here shapes our reality for examp
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how many of you have ever felt personally victimized by a scorpio moon img https i imgur com papitub gif img img https i imgur com c9vvec0 gif img tell us what happened