You mad mad aries men!

I clearly have landed the most difficult one, with his Sun and Moon both in Aries! So, after our last awkward date,
I clearly have landed the most difficult one, with his Sun and Moon both in Aries!

So, after our last awkward date, another date has not happened. He wanted us to meet, and I fell sick - then I wanted us to meet and he got really really busy with work *rolls eyes*.

He used to call me every night before sleeping, but a few days back that slipped up - somewhere I felt really hurt (insecure idiot that I am) - so when he called me the next day - he was out of the city for a day meeting, and I started fighting with him - he apologized and said he'd slept off early the night before etc etc - I realized I was being petty and said sorry and sent him kisses as text after we hung up. He didn't reply. And then he didn't call me for two days, Finally I texted him lyrics to his fav song, apologizing for having fought, he sent a dry reply saying he's been ill, and he'll call me when he feels better.

I thought I'm just wasting my time with this guy, and clearly he's not interested so I sent him some kisses back, saying get well soon, but then called up some friends and went out that night, and had an awesome night out, and decided to move on and forget about him.

He finally called two days later late evening, for a short two minute call - and then he hung up saying he'll call back later. I was like fine wtv. After that he called up late in the night, I avoided his call, then he called up again the next day afternoon, and evening. And I kept ignoring his calls. Finally in the night i sent him a text saying, what's up - and he sends a hurt text back saying I don't even take his calls - I told him i was in the spa - he's like "oh, I thght u were mad at me" so I told him, "I was a little, but then I didn't wanna fight" - after that he texted saying let's go out today - I didn't bother replying since i'm sick of this charade and guessing game. He then kept texting, asking why m' not replying, where am I, and I ignored em all. He finally sent a text saying, he's going off to sleep, and he'll call me in the morning to see if i wanna meet, kisses etc etc!

WTF! It's his way or the highway? Or he only gets interested in me when I'm not interested in him?
I just wanted to add, that he's had a very very sordid past, and childhood which would send chills down most people. He's shared things with me, which he hasn't in his life with anyone except an ex gf who left him because she couldn't handle his past, which had left him really hurt and untrustworthy towards anyone. But all that was before the fight, and his sudden lack of interest in me. The fact that he opened up to me, should mean something right? And if it means anything, why is he away so so much so often Could there be someone else?
To be really honest, I've lost interest in him now.

I don't know about other leo women, but I don't like game playing either. I was very honest with him about how I felt, and all he would do is leave me stranded, off to chase his work goals, waiting for him to find time. He wouldn't call for four-five days, and if in aries dictionary it's normal, then he should find someone else.

I'm not taking his calls or ignoring him, not because I'm trying to act hard to get, but because I AM hard to get, and he had me, and lost me! I want to be with someone who treats me right, and clearly it's not him!

29 years old female
"Romance is something that no Aries can live without and the same goes for an A
I think you should let him miss you alittle bit Aries do like attention but we also like the chase so you should back off alittle bit put your focus on something else. The fact that he called you allot in the beginning shows that he does like you he probably has backed off alittle because hes starting to freak out about his feelings and he probaly needs time to figure out what he feels but the more you get moody when he does make an attempt is probably going to give him more of a reason to back off more.
39 years old
I am an Aries with a lot of Sagittarius rising/planets influences. I think astr
He is busy and trying to get his work done. You said you were petty now and again, and can't understand that he has a job and that he likes to complete his work.

I work from 9am to 10pm many nights, not to piss anybody off but to get my job done.

Some people are compatible, some people aren't. Sounds like you need to decide if you can continue in the relationship or not, if you are frustrated.
I'm actually moving cities in a couple of days, to start a new job, which is why I was so impatient with him spending time away from me knowing I'll be gone soon.

We had a long honest talk a while ago, and I asked him what our status is, and what are we doing, since all this is so confusing. He did admit, that this isn't normal - and a little dysfunctional. After a lot of doodling around (Man! He was worse than Ross in that episode with Mona, where she wants to know where they are) and thinking and thinking and blabbering - he finally gave me a response saying - "If you're asking are we together? Yes we are! Are we madly in love? No, not yet! But do we wanna see where this is going? Yes! And, are there feelings? Yes, there are!"

On asking where do we stand with the soon to hit us long distance he said - "See practically, there is always a chance we may find someone else, someone special, and we can't do anything about it. Let's see what happens once you're gone"

Looks like for the first time in my life, I'd have to be patient in a relationship!

@ImpressMe - Thanks a ton! How did you ever become so wise!!! Also, he did say there is no one else by stating "where is the time to date anyone else, besides I don't have it in me to be romantic with a girl anymore"

I don't know if I should construe these as positive or negative! I'm just tired, and we'll see where it goes.

I just hate the fact that I fell for him like a school girl, just fall in love, and now I've been forced to step back, keep my feelings under control, and act all mature and sensible and patiently wait. I just hope this works out.
29 years old female
"Romance is something that no Aries can live without and the same goes for an A
wow im so glad that your story has turned around

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