happy new year

By britneybabe26January 1, 2016 1:46am — 16 replies
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please assist me here i am a cancer woman i met my aquarius guy a year ago we met and had sex the first night we met it was my first one night stand so even if he called i just cut contact cause i felt really bad about it so a year later we bu
help females out what are some top 5 or top 3 donts for a cancer male i noticed trust is huge huge huge for cancer males when dating a cancer male what should you avoid is there something people do without realizing that hurts cancer males i once
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Bill Cosby
officially charged today with aggravated sexual assault released on a million dollars bail cancer man whose life has gone completely off the rails thoughts on where it all went wrong
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i am going for growth but in a realistic way be less skittish cuss more because its fun drink less but that will be after mardi gras float more down creeks rivers with friends work on more jokes
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is it normal for you guys to extend invitations and then retract or sending cryptic mixed msgs how can someone gain your trust and how does one know when they are on the right track with you
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please help cancer man sweeps me off my feet we spend 2 months almost inseparable not one bad word or disagreement we exchange christmas gifts he says he loves me and im the one i meet his family things couldnt get any better then he tells hi
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