how do capricorn guys act when they're in love?

i mean do they act shy around them or try to talk that people. generally what kind of girls do they like? shy and quiet

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i want to know every little thing they do. i mean do they act shy around the ones they like or try to talk them. generally what kind of girls do
they like? shy and quiet or
outgoing? what about
Everyone is different, so its hard to say. My Cap friend likes quiet, my Cap father likes outgoing, my mothers Cap ex liked conservative and reserved, so it all depends.

First thing first though, what will stand out more than anything is you being true to yourself and not trying to cater to what you "think" he likes. That's usually what messes up the trust because he'll never know how genuine your words/actions really are.
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Can we see The Chart of the actual CAP in question??..that would be a good start.
His Chart:
Sun Capricorn
Moon Libra
Mercury Capricorn
Venus Scorpio
Mars Virgo
Jupiter Sagittarius
Saturn Pisces
Uranus Capricorn
Neptune Capricorn
Pluto Scorpio
Lilith Taurus

My Chart:
Sun Taurus
Moon Leo
Mercury Gemini
Venus Aries
Mars Leo
Jupiter Sagittarius
Saturn Pisces
Uranus Aquarius
Neptune Capricorn
Pluto Scorpio
Lilith Gemini

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As for me, I will make time for for someone I'm in love (or even deep like) with. Otherwise, I'm pretty busy and will allow other things come before you.
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what are the non negotiables in a woman for a Cap man?

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