Mass Effect Andromeda - new Gameplay Trailer Animation-wise, feels like Mass Effect 2.
Marine Sun, Virgin Moon, Centaur Ascendant

Animation-wise, feels like Mass Effect 2.

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What moon signs are you most attracted to & Why? I read somewhere that there are certain attractions that can't be helped. For example, as a leo moon.. I almost always find myself becoming really attracted to aries moons & a lot of my fellow leo mooners
During childhood what was your relationship like with your mom? I'm not surprised if you say detached.
I know it's possible to stop ✋ feeling a certain way!! I just need to remember how to do this.. (most sags are good at this).., but I need to know Where's the off button please!!!! How do you just turn cold ??!! Who has the ability and will power
Why do we struggle as a couple based on these charts ??
I'm just curious to see if there's anyone out there that has this pairing or knows any couple of this pairing. Tried it before with a Pisces sun and it didn't work, I think the double water combo was too much. But this guy I've been getting to kno
Where is falks about fallen angels mating w humans? And so now the DNA of there offspring are half demon half human causing havoc on the earth? There are some ppl I've been around who seriously don't seem human. Like evil to the core or born evil.
I'm attracted to personality more as I noticed, but I also tend to get bored really quickly. Could that be because of my Sag sun and moon ?
How do you think it has affected your generation? You can include the houses they're in also if you want. Saturn in Aries Jupiter in Aquarius Neptune in Capricorn Uranus in Aquarius Pluto in Saggitarius I think that Uranus in Aquarius would m
I just want to know do sag men lust alot or fall in love fast? I been talking to one as a friend he talking bout he wants a baby with me and im like where is this coming from? He said he likes me and wants a family but we only been friends 4 months. I had
Are you all really that brain dead so you don't remember your loved once phone number so if you delete it - it's gone forever? And when (if) they call you - you have NO idea whos is this phone number calling?
Tarot readings on YouTube .. I'm liking it .. especially since April is going to be awesome !
I met this person around 2 weeks ago. For couple of days everything seemed okay, except we wasn't able to chat whole lot. He used to come online every night for 30 minutes or so, leave some messages and go off. After some time He asked for my kik and we s
Aries ,, Aquarius, Virgo ? Who is the smartest one ? And why ?