Gemini woman/Capricorn man

By GeminPhillyApril 29, 2018 4:19pm — 36 replies
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so i know this couple ive honestly never seen a gemini and capricorn together whats your thoughts on this one how is a relationship between a gemini and capricorn
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my gemini man adores me as i do him hes very funny lively and smart i think thats what attracts me to him hes the most loving man ive ever been with and hes very much the macho man type any experience of advice for this combination how to mak
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what attracts geminis the most to capricorns and what makes them fall in love with capricorns
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and dealing with them theyre a mystery to the rest of us
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please share some information stories about long term relationship between gem man cap woman that you know of yours your family or acquaintances thats imo one of the most challenging matches and i want to know if there are any successfull long
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is this even possible i feel highly attracted to geminis with gemini mercury and mars and earthy moons im cap with scorpio moon and rising i find them highly attractive and extroverted though i can often say that theyre hiding something and theyre h
gemini and capricorn that even a possibili
im still in love with my ex mr cancer my mr cancer but somehow a gemini got hold of my new singledom now he
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has anyone have any luck with this combo i am just curious
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i am thinking of talking to a gemini im worried because i dated a gem before and it didnt work out they say gem and