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By sweetheartsJune 6, 2013 3:13am — 7 replies

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please reinstall this link under the avatars thank you
what was wrong with the old look please go back to the old look my eyes are crossed from trying to read the tin
duncan while your taking the time to screw around with the format of the site i would like to say first thanks f
Curious Duncan
i just looked into a new post in the libra column and there were 2 responses but i could only see 1 as i only have one
i just spent 20 mins typing a message on a thread and a fucking microsoft add jumps up and knock it all out perhaps run
Duncan remove mellisa234 SPAM
i want to say thank you thank you thank you to ancient dr olorun oduduwa olorunoduduwaspiritualtemple gmail com spel
i like the sight but i just cant get use to how it looks the idea of this sight is great but the design of it a eye s
CapMusicc Broke the Front Page
please fix it thank you
Stop deleting your accounts!
since tauruscancerdelights thread account is probably gonna be deleted i thought id post it here too so please pe
Get Thee an Edit Button!!
would be nice to be able to edit your posts instead of hiding them its disruptive to the flow of the thread can