get rid of "multiple accounts"

By rabidtalkerFebruary 13, 2021 1:01pm — 7 replies

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why do you still keep some users around when they violate the terms of use please remove mentioned user hydorah as requested immediately idgaf if it was a joke act right mfer
Temporarily disable your account
please add this option it would be very useful for many of us
Fix the comment section...
dxpnet can you please fix the comment section so that the comments dont skip a whole day after you scroll to the bottom and it has to load
Stop emailing me when I make a thread...
how do i make this stop i know i made a thread i dont need dxpnet to remind me
How Would You Make This Site Better?
go back to the old format i still hate this scrolling bullbutter thank you for your time have a nice day
Editing posts
love that you can edit your posts now duncan i always push send too quickly without proof reading and when i read it wonder what the heck i was trying to say would still love a lol button but i guess the like will have to do
expand button doesnt work
on chrome incognito mode
make it so everyone not just the creator of a post comment can see the likes dxpnet
Are Birth charts considered personal information?
dxpnet can you verify if posting a birth chart on an astrology website is considered personal information
You need to upgrade your site again Duncan
the quoting has gotten out of hand users quote to talk flirt to and with another user but you end up with pages of quotes and you lose the topic a simple user tag would tidy things up wouldn t it duncan can we also have some emoji buttons instead