Unban BathHouseCulture

By hydorahMarch 5, 2020 6:08pm — 5 replies

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Disappearing posts Act
https media giphy com media 3oz8xa491g1vzfmrhk giphy gif i d really like to hear an explanation duncan
Add a dark mode
add a dark mode the white is a bit hard on the eyes late night browsing hurts my eyes it would be nice if you could change the colors for the ui like black and purple i think would be good ideas
i dont see the notifications anymore on the pc version of the website
Re-send confirmation code
is there a way to access messages without having to request a new confirmation code to be sent last time i got banned from here for a while i don t want that to happen again
by switching these 2 parts on the main page.
this way we can see more comments on the main page please make it happen https i ibb co cjd85gt screenshot-2020-01-02-dxpnet-astrology-message-boards-horoscope-chart-advice png thank you
I can see some posts only when quoted
does anyone have this issue i can see emeraldgem post when quoted posted by alexscaries posted by emeraldgem possibly aqua because every one ive dated has been bat shit crazy are they all crazy this is supposed to be my soul mate sign - wtf gems
duncan or whoever in charge can we verify the like feature to make sure we wanna like something here first it hasnt happen to me as of late but there has been lots of times i accidently like someones post without meaning to and being an indian giver
DXP Awards Committee
as there are no official rules for the dxp awards we shall form them now as the creator the dxp awards committee i am the ruling head of said committee as of today 3 23 est the vote for 2019 dxp awards host is nikkistar - 10 votes there are no
I can’t see pms
all who are trying to pm me - i am not able to confirm my email so i am not able to see your messages
Everybody! Let’s talk...
i know this site isn t a perfect but nothing is its free and not monitored let s make backup plan instead of bitching we had another back up site but morons needed more and had done nothing except bitching i just want to say - you all deserve it