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  • Stood me up?

    If any of you have read on my last post about the leo man i've been dating, here ks a lil update about it. So after my busy schedule and me not being able to meet him every time he asked me out. Yesterday we had a talk, it was a nice day we talked a
  • Scandalous Leo's

    So I've had these bad experiences with two Leo and not to be treetrunking awful to you guys but are y'all like players? They both lead me on and I thought things were going well and then bam next treetrunking thing I know they pop up with girlfriends like how awf
  • Leo's and money

    Are Leo's cheap or just think they can do everything themselves??
  • What do I do ?

    Leo man .. met him online texted 15 hours a day for 6 weeks straight .. he lives 2 hours away. Have seen each other twice , amazing connection on all levels. His mother is close to terminally ill and has been in hospital for 7 weeks. Had a crazy few days
  • Leo with venus in Cancer man who I went on a date with

    Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago I met someone and we kept making eye contact and he gave me his number. We went on a date last night and it was sooo nice, we didn;t stop talking and were really affectionate with each other. He said he wants to se
  • My fellow Leo peeps, do y'all understand?

    So I'm a Leo woman, not sure of my other placements. I just wanted to elaborate on something that I haven't found much discussion about. I know that we are known for being proud & fierce & sometimes over confident with a big head. But, are there any
  • Stroke That Ego!

    You know, I feel as if we get a lot of crap for having huge egos and being attention just like mes. Seems like this is what the people want, no? SO BE IT! Let the ego stroke BEGIN! Leos (and Leo placements), tell the the world why you're so amazingly awesome
  • Leo man and busy woman

    Hi again Leos. I have never thought that i'd get a long that good with leo men before. I like the lioness and have some lionesses friends. But as time goes by, it seems like now i'm starting to give my attention to some leo men that came around. Now
  • Can straight Leo men get turned on by Gay men?

    It's just a curious question as I have no prior experience with Leos at all. Since I've read that they love to be worshiped I kind of wondered if straight Leos could get turned on by other men and gay men if praised too much? Or is there a line with you L
  • What happened to Diva can Leo?

    Where you at @divacanleo?
  • Relationship with a Leo

    I am currently dating a Leo man and at first he was pretty attentive and seemed to want to be around me all of the time but now he would rather spend time on his computer playing games...I say something about this often lately but he claims we are still s
  • Need some constructive criticism....

    Good Morning guys, Forgive the LONG post. I went off on this Leo man 8/22/76 I was dating to for a few months and wanted to know if I took it too far. I'm a Leo 7/23/80, and I saw the type of man he was from the beginning but tried to be patient and und