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  • I made a post on social media the libra guy I was talking to texted me after a month of not responding to me saying I made a post on social media to get his attention and it did I clearly thought you were done with me so why do you care what I post on soc
  • Asking Libras specifically, but what does this mean in your opinion? I offered platonic friendship when things were going sour and never heard back. And after back and forth of texting that went no where as you guys know, Iv mentally checked out figurin
  • I took psycho to a higher level today, I didn't like that I could be so emotionally imbalanced. Now I'm disappointed about my lack of self-control, bad libra! Or can I get away with blaming my sag moon?! What sign has pushed your buttons like no othe
  • I know it's the 5th and that is tomorrow for us but it's already the 5th for you! So happy birthday Old man! May you have many years of Olive and enchilada eating ahead of you!! https://i.pinimg
  • Disclaimer: as I always say, I do love my Leeb friends. Happy Birthday, Leebs! Now to the point about a rotten egg in the starsign masses. I live with my friend and his Leeb gf, who is a controlling anxious micromanager type. Mood swing on a stick.
  • first my sing is cancer and we have been together on and off for 7 years - I made a huge mistake 5 months ago I told the one that I love to be friends cus I was scared of the whole thing not working and I had that grey moment when I felt that I don't
  • My poor child i22 s in love with her co-worker 31 who is visibly for everyone at place is fascinated by her and guys just giving him hard time, laughing and telling her he is in love with her but he has a girlfriend whom he doesn't let to move in with him
  • After all that extra-mess I cut her out. Didn't even think about her since my last post. She messaged me not too long ago (11pm on a sat night) "are you up?" "Are we allowed to be friends yet?" I'm suspicious... why now? Wtf... I'm so confused
  • We've been dating for over a month now. And one day I told him goodbye...after being upset with my own shit. Now he's ignoring me. So the questions I have are: •How do libra men respond when the women hurt them? •When women threaten to break if o
  • For those of you who questioned. Just to give you some closure. Libra turned out to be "petty liking" my shit. I find out because I thought we were cool so I commented on her shit only for her to remove it within 10 minutes. Oy I just hate that childish s
  • I have issues where I cant be alone. Always have to be with someone or hanging out with someone. If im not doing that im just on social media 24/7 until I go to bed. I want to beable to sit down read a book or watch netflix without worrying about the outs
  • Just had met one Libra man who isn't married, fairly good looking and I've asked why. He said he had been dating a woman for 6 years. One day he had gotten tickets for the show. She had people over and he said call me back. She had called next day (of
  • In a previous post I spoke about my friend being involved with a Libra guy who was trying to pursue her since high school. She finally has given him a chance but it's been a headache since they've been speaking. They recently had sex and after being intim
  • I've been single Libra male my entire life and have romanticized the ideal of love since forever. the fact that I've been single for so long hasn't bothered me until recently. So I took action and got on all of the dating apps and started talking to all o
  • Hi, I am a Virgo girl, I have been into a heartbreak with a Leo man 3 years ago and it was the worst experience ever. Since then, I haven’t met anyone I like. 2 month ago, I got this sweet message from a Libra man who says he found my profile and liked
  • I've been with my libra man for about 9 months. Before that he was with a Pisces for 6 years. From what I've been told she was controlling and abusive, physically and mentally. He finally broke up with her after she followed him to a bar and punched him
  • Soooooo I finally bumped into the crazy ass libra I was kicking it with n of course he was drunk yes we have mutal friends n it was bound to happen sooner or later this MF cause a while a scene for nothing we pulled up to the lil kick bck cause it was som
  • Has anyone else with this placement felt a huge "shift" this week. Like the last 2 weeks I've been crazy, over thinking, not sleeping etc. And then on Monday, BOOM, I felt greathat, like myself again.
  • So ...she let me smash her didnt tell me she was on her monthly...said ok put it in butt im like..ok...after all that she called me nasty she cant talk to me more ..fastfoward let me smash again..and now she mad at me sucks
  • Hello all. Long story short - I've been on five great dates with this Libra guy. I'm aqua girl. We are both 27. The dates have been long (4-7 hours each), fun (different activities - walking, museum, small trip, being i a cafe etc), conversation has be
  • He said he wanted to hang out in a couple weeks, i tried to talk to him about stuff that was happening with me and he straight up ignored me... For two weeks. I was totally blown away. Fucking rude. So i told him i missed how we used to talk all the time,
  • Hi i know libras go cold and silent when they are, hurt, mad or something.. but what's goin on inside them? why do t
  • Ok so I kind of want the libra to start talking to me again. I know I sound crazy but there is still some interest there. And in person and the first two weeks with us everything was absolute fire. In person and not. until one weekend of complete misinter