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  • Libras who's dated Geminis what has been your experience?
  • to only want someone when they think that person has lost interest in them? i really like this libra girl, but i feel she tries to play games... I really like this girl, she was the girl i feel in love with in highschool but she was always dating so
  • Air signs in both my Mars & Venus mean anything? Libra Mars & Aqua Venus . Anyone else have air in both Mars & Venus?
  • All Libras should watch and probably Cancers too
  • I don't know if this is just my cancer moon or what but do you guys ever get straight up stuck on someone so much that someone could be showing you attention and really wanting to make you theirs but you can't get past thinking about that other person
  • I'm a september libra, september 25 which matches up to celebrities will smith, gwyneth paltrow, catherine zeta jones, and a few porn stars lol. I notice I have some qualities that match up with all of these and I notice that the October libras I've met s
  • Stuck at work with food poisioning while there a severe severe thunderstorm is going on I can't leave ugh. Name a time you had food poisioning at the worst time.
  • i was seeing/good friends with an aqua guy for about a year and a half (im libra) and he hasn't been with anyone during this time and has heavily hinted and even said he liked me, sometimes he leaves for days/weeks/months but i got used to that, we've nev
  • I'm curious as to what all you libra lovelies often hear as a compliment (physical, personality etc) that you think is associated with being a libra? Me: Physically...I've never been complimented on them but I do have the venusian dimples on my lowe
  • So it seems a bit confusing to me why aquas and libras are supposed to be a good match when fundamentally aqua loves freedom and fears commitment yet libra loves love and represents relationships... So for you libras out there who have been involved wi
  • for libras: share a funny video! something that makes you laugh very loud. ( no cat videos please! ) not only videos... I mean: feel free to share anything that makes you laugh... :D hehe! I'm gonna start with Sacha Baron Cohen.. https://m.youtub
  • Hey guys! I met a libra girl online we dated about two weeks, everything was going perfect except for my big Sagittarius mouth that ruined it. Anyway I said some things she wasn't too keen on and she totally judged a few of my actions we had an argument.
  • I know this Libra colleague for 4 years now and we get along really well, last year I realised I have started liking him. Shortly afterwards, I found he was married. I never told him I like him so I just tried to move on. But then things got complicated,
  • Hello everyone, I posted on here about 2 weeks ago seeking advice after my Libra girlfriend dumped me. I stopped contacting her completely since then. Yesterday, she called me out of nowhere in tears telling me how much she missed me and loved me, she say
  • I am anxious to get out of work today nothing is going on I have the urge to bolt out of the door!
  • is so NEEDY. I thought Cancers were the needy ones? (Lack of neediness is probably due to my Cappy moon and Sag ascendant) I totally love him, he's totally amazing to me! The problem I am having here is I work full-time and have school full-time. I am con
  • I realized that there are ALOT of libras that are middle class or rich, but online there are so many quotes saying that they are one of the most laziest sign.
  • ok so I am doing If by Janet Jackson for a 90s block party lip-sync and I totally miss calculated who I was gonna have in his with me because everyone has something they are doing so I have no background dancers so now it is going to be a one woman show l
  • With all these shootings going on it makes me want to go back to school and become a lawyer. I have never felt so helpless. I have always felt very in touch with people and when tragedies happen not just of the violent kind but also the natural disaster k
  • I know a couple of Libras... & dealt with a few in my time.. But how many of you Libras.. Had or still have a relationship ( as friends, as FWB, as lovers.. whatever...) with a Pisces... It can be Pisces Male/ Libra Female or Pisces Female/ Libra Male.
  • I was talking to this Libra guy, he was really sweet, nice, I like hanging out with him, but he wanted to have sex. I haven't done anything in a year and a half plus, so I want to wait until I am in love. I am a sag btw. He told me that friends with benef
  • Okay, my Libra "friend"... I'm a Sag... we had a one night tryst and I opted to just be a friend when he became really evasive. Since I took sex off the table, we chat daily and deeply. He tells me things he doesn't tell him other close friends. He los
  • Smh...long story very long