Do I move on?

By DortheyJanuary 22, 2018 7:34am — 6 replies
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are/were you guys in love with every girlfriend you have/had in your whole life?
because you jump from one relationship to another personally i think that men fall in love 1-2 times in their life libras are more like women in this-so emotional or they just cant stand loneliness whats your view
Looking for help from Libra
so i have a new relationship with my first libra man he has taurus moon venus scorpio and i m sun aries moon scorpio venus aries and cancer asc so we are both out of long term relationships and i know he s got a lot going on but won t tell me any mor
Lol check out all of his videos
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Libra gang
i learned and im learning the hard way you dont have to xd lmao be more subjective dont be scared of your emotions https i pinimg com 736x aa 3b db aa3bdb10818e8460ac88fe16f3a8fd8b--bathroom-quotes-color-quotes jpg boring basicall
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i am cancer pisces rising he is libra cancer rising we connected 2 years ago emailing for 7 months met twice and had sex twice emailed each other every day for 7 months straight shared everything laughs cries hot and spicey talks supported th
Dumped by Libra after 2.5 years
hello everyone i m not here i have a lot on my mind but i ll try to keep it short 2 weeks ago my now ex libra told me he needed space it wasn t what i wanted but after a lot of tears i decided the best thing was to leave him alone with his thought
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lovely libras out there ive just written a horoscope for yall which runs from now until 31st march take a look it may just bring you luck http waxlobster blogspot co uk 2018 01 leo-sun-also-applies-to-leo-rising html shalom amour
werk it libra!
shes the captain and her squad messes up in the beginning she eyes the girl on the right for not getting up then after another mess up she looks back at them like why are yall not up dancing after that she turns cardinal takes complete control a
Libra male pulls a cyrano
so in an earlier post i said that my cancer friend was rekindling a relationship that she thought was years in the making with a libra male from her past that reached out to her he is married to an aquarius and gave her the impression that he wanted to a
Understanding Libra Men
hey i have some issues with a libra man weve just met a few weeks ago but i was instantly smitten by him dont know why i believed all bullbutter as to him wanting a relationship and all he was away for a week when we started talking talked every