By lildolOctober 2, 2009 1:14am — 13 replies

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Best movies ever
imo sixth sense forest gump shaw shank redemption wizard of oz mary poppins
Post A Pic of Yourself Thread is Now Full...
just fyi dominos fantabulous thread is now full so all you lovely people are just postin and a postin away and it
Do you wanna...
date my avatar
amsterdam the dutch are giving shots for q fever which infects sheep goats q what have you been doing
Short Books I have read
africans i have met while yachting by tiger woods
The Older You Get......
i once heard someone say the older you get the less you care now that im 41yrs old i think i can really relate to
Which season do you like best? Winter, Spring etc
i personally love winter i love wearing my sweaters and pretty coats with furry gloves and hats i love kicking my sha
So what are you doing for the weekend
anyone got anything exciting happening tell all i have nothing but its about time i rested up been partyin
phone answering machines
i just posted this on another thread what do you have on your answering machine mine says you have reached james tate
Men and Boobs.....Why do you stare at them???
okay i was not sure where to post this so misc seems like a good place for boobs since we dont have an an