Astrological matches

By sweetheartsAugust 5, 2020 4:17am — 13 replies

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12th House Synastry
how many relationships have you been in that involved you partner having multiple planets in the other s 12th house what were the planets amp how was the experience personally i notice that i attract men who s mercury jupiter and or mars fall int
Ladies - would you go All Out to get a guy, and give him everything?
contd and i felt insecure too so it all fell apart along with my marriage sadly so what im trying to say is that if you net someone else who you really loved would you leave your marriage and life etc and go all out for a guy just for him to mov
For those of you who are married or in long term relationships how many Saturn aspects do you have?
and what are the aspects i know you need saturn in synastry for a relationship to be longterm im talking to someone right now and im not sure if we really have enough saturn aspects in our synastry we have mars opposition saturn which is a 7-degree a
Why is he upset? Is he playing mind games?
i met an aquarius guy who had a 2 year old daughter at my friends house his uncle lived next door to her the first day we met we clicked we talked about different things and laughed and had great chemistry we hung out every weekend for the first 3 wee
Sexual Compatibility, Libra Mars & Scorpio Mars?
wondering about sexual compatibility with my girlfriend and thought that it was mars signs which would determine that correct me if im wrong so i wanted some thoughts knowledge on libra mars and our compatibility she is a libra mars while i am a scor
Synastry interpretation - One sided love or it's just won't work?
hi everyone im new in astrology still learning to interpret natal chart but i have limited knowledge on how to interpret synastry chart id truly appreciate if anyone could kindly interpret my synastry chart with my man together with your opinion an
Cancer Man, Gemini Mars and Venus - Is he interested or?
cancer woman here aries moon scorpio rising cancer venus scorpio mars gemini mercury been going back and forth with a cancer man for a few months virgo moon virgo rising gemini venus gemini mars leo mercury we met thru mutual friends acq
Virgo dealing with a Taurus man sigh
during this pandemic me and my taurus been spending a lot more time together im at his house 6 or 7 days out the week i knew him since 6th grade we been seeing each other since july 2019 he made me his girl back in september but claim hes not committe
Scorpio GF broke up with me during covid. She wants to focus on her masters. Will she come back?
hi my scorpio girlfriend and i virgo dated for 1 year and 1 month she broke up with me during quarantine she says she wants to focus on her masters and cpa she also has a full time job with a lot of responsibility she said she still wants me in h
Why do I self sabotage relationships?
i always have failed relationships because i am too afraid to let people in like i won t ever contact them first they have to contact me first otherwise we won t ever speak again i refuse to show any interest because then that makes me look desperate