Oh, that Sagittarian smart mouth!

By AzureBlueDecember 28, 2017 9:28pm — 6 replies
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im a cancer with alot of fire in my chart wondering if there are any cancer sag relationships according to astrology cancer and sag are not good together but i disagree im actually more attracted to fire signs my ex is a sag and my current situation
I've always wondered
does my saggie mom feels left out im virgo my dads taurus and my lil sis is capricorn how does my fire mom feels about all this earth around her d especially when were all so calm and she just blows up when shes not happy with something how wo
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i need to learn more about this combo anyone out here wanna help me out my crush is one but shes very evasive unless were physically together and then im a bit clumsy in the way i behave i dont know how to explain it but she intimidates me so
Merry Christmas! 🎁🎄
enjoy your day however you celebrate
Can someone please explain this behavior?
why does a sag guy send you pictures showing what he is doing out of the blue through fb messenger but when you reply he either takes hours to reply back even if he is active on messenger or does not reply at all then send you another picture the n
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met a sag last year however due to his insecurities and something that happened he wouldn t make me his girlfriend i blocked his number he blocked mine we unblocked each others number and talked on and off since february of this year he s made so man
Bye Saturn!!
https s31 postimg org lptmks6yz images-1 jpg
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RooSagicorn!!!! 🍰♥️🥂🎈
hope you enjoy your special day roosagicorn
This dam(n) Cap - new update
ok i took her meds over to her place because of the flu of course not wanting to get infected i just say here and left brought her a immune boosting smoothie pho and cold meds pack theraflu cough drops vick vaper rub easily a good 50 bucks o
woe is meeeeee.
well mercury retrograde is destroying my month of december please hurry up and be over cap has laid out she likes me a lot but not willing to have sex until she figures her life out im friend zoning her like her enough to keep her around if