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How he handles your meltdowns: -if you're upset about HIM.. he'll become instantly defensive, especially if you start c
How he handles your meltdowns:
-if you're upset about HIM.. he'll become instantly defensive, especially if you start crying or raging. He'll follow up with a cold shoulder and screen most of your calls.

His meltdowns:
-File a missing person's report. The Scorpio man's meltdown is dark and depressing and in extreme cases may involve an extended disappearance.

Ices you out completely but rages/obsesses about you for months, even years. May Google you for life.

What He's All About:

Do you long for the predictable? Fear the unknown? Then stop reading now. The Scorpio man is a complex, often confusing creature who thrives on life's extremes. There is no such thing as moderation with this intense, all or nothing guy. He's as infuriating as he is addictive, fascinating yet exhausting..

..The Scorpio man will plunge into his passions, studying and experimenting until he's a walking encyclopedia on the topic. Mastery is his ultimate goal.

..In typical extreme fashion, he can be as self-absorbed as he is silent.

What he wants in a woman:

-Rule #1: Never, ever, EVER kiss his ass.
-Rule #2: Never show him that you want him more than he wants you.

The biggest turn on to a Scorpio man is your self-respect. After all, it's a rare woman who can keep hers intact around him.

The Scorpio man loves powerful women-- but it has to be the "right" kind of power. In a nutshell, you have to be just a little too good for him, just out of his league.. Masochistic as it sounds, the threat of rejection turns him on.

..Ultimately, he longs for a spiritual and sexual soul mate, someone to "become one with" on a truly intimate level. The Scorpio man's greatest fear his also his greatest desire. The woman who can patiently remain unrattled through all his turbulent cycles and many rebirths will keep him around for a lifetime.

Scorpio is the sign of deep bonding and extreme detachment, making him a bit schizophrenic about intimacy. Closeness frightens him because deep down, he fears separation. Abandonment issues? He's got 'em for days. While he longs to merge souls with you, another part of him is terrified to lose control. He feels pain at a deeper level than any other sign, and breakups can haunt him for decades. To protect himself, he'll try to keep a sense of "space" in the relationship-- having a long-distance relationship, working late, or keeping his own apartment. If you push him before he's ready, he'll draw back. This could go
This could go on for years until he feels "ready" (read: safe enough) to come a centimeter closer.

Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth...You may have several breakups or relationship phases en route to fully committing. Though they will be harrowing for you, he considers these fiery emotional trials a purification ritual. In his mind, the more your relationship withstands turmoil, the more "real" your connection is. Hardcore? You bet.

With a Scorpio, no relationship is ever really over. He has a powerful memory, especially for pain, and he can't stand to let go of anything. Although he may obsess over you for decades, his modus operandi is usually to ice you out faster than a Subzero freezer..

Breaking up with a Scorpio:

He will obsess over you for years on end. Scorpio men bond at a soul level, so when you leave him, it will feel like you've ripped out a piece of his insides. Even if you break up with him because he won't commit, or you're sick of waiting, it doesn't matter. He will still resent you in some way.

He is the king of the "curtain call", so don't be surprised if he makes a comeback a few months later, attempting to charm you back..

Getting over him: When a Scorpio Dumps You

Trying to get over a Scorpio? Approach it like detoxing from a drug. Your body will ache for everything you loved and hated.. If you can't pick up and move to another continent, take a long no-contact break. He will probably stalk you on the internet, even though you may never know.

omg! that's beginning to make total sense. this is the 1st info that doesn't say how amazingly great they are. most of it describes what i'm dealing with. lately it's began getting a bit hard for me. it's like 50% of his life is with me and 50% is not. it's like he says "i'm not ready to take the next step in our relationship right now (not sure what he means by that "next step" statement) but i'm loyal and willing to take this relationship as far as it goes. i don't understand what that means. unless, "take this relationship as far as it goes" means until i can't take it anymore and leave him? it feels like he puts whatever goes in his life he puts it before me and he explained why. it's like he approaches the relationship with a 95% logic and 5% emotion. not any of that glamourized sexual mysterious being that scorps are often portrayed
i have a friend who's a libra with venus in scorpio. sex obsessed and gets obsessive over guys
irishlibraiskatie - are you over react and analyze every single thing that a guy says or does. want to break it off, punish him and then do the opposite and stay with him. meanwhile, plotting on how to punish him? all your relationship progress straight to sex and then you start wondering why a guy only wants you for sex and nothing else? my friend is that way
Articles and books like these are always good to read but that's pretty much it. Tips on who you should become in order to handle someone, don't work. At the end readers act according to their nature and can't change their nature upon finishing an article or a book. I say knowledge of self is the answer to whoever you're dealing with, Scorpio or not. Have a good knowledge of who you are, where you're from and headed. Love those who embraces your essence and destination. Off course some adjustments are needed but a few compromise here and there, won't be a problem to someone who's at peace with who you are.
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Yup that was very on point.

Turned me on LOL
I agree with Satori. I think it might LOOK as though they are 'turned on by the threat of rejection' but my experience is that it's more likely to be that they are 'turned on by someone strong enough not to be hurt if they disappear on her.' lol

The guy I'm seeing WARNED me before we ever went out that I would most probably get hurt. Then disappeared, then after a year - A YEAR! - of encouraging me to date other guys (because he said he wasn't good enough for me! Yeah right) finally believed that it was really him I was interested in.

But I do think he's free to be with me because he knows I actually survived a break-up. They do worry a lot about the people they care for, and they still care for you forever (unless it was a bad break-up). So I think some of those 'tests' are actually about, if things ever go wrong, will you be able to cope and survive? perversely, they may actually be doing it out of love!

Congratulations! Everything you have said is absolutely true.
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I've always wondered.....when VGM posts, do people read them? Just curious.
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I've always wondered.....when VGM posts, do people read them? Just curious.

from Reino de Espa?a
irish: i have venus in's a curse i believe

nah - it's virgo rising, trust me

Wow. I have just read this and even though it's a few moths old I wish I would have seen it sooner. This really makes sense of a lot for me about my guy.

I love him but I break up with him at least once every three weeks because he will say or do some insensitive butter. Then he will tell me I'm too overly sensitive and sweet talk me back.

I thought it was because I'm a cancer but then when I told my story to other girls I'm friends with (all different signes) they all agreed it wasn't me. Now I read this and I'm like OMG thats my guy!

I won't take his butter though. It's like if I don't freak out or get all sad and upset he feels like I don't really love him. The worst is he never says "I love you" all he will say is "who do you belong to?" I of course being absolutly in love with him always respond the same " only you".

I don't know who is more twisted me or him.
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"I won't take his butter though. It's like if I don't freak out or get all sad and upset he feels like I don't really love him. The worst is he never says "I love you" all he will say is "who do you belong to?" I of course being absolutly in love with him always respond the same " only you".

Ha! I don't think so,'re a better woman than i cause i would not tell scorpio "only you". I would not fall in scorpios web, there are other ways of him knowing you belong only to him...when will they learn...i can definitly say i didn't get the 2c from my scorpio fiance like that. To each his own Good Luck with that!
Really BlueAqua... Pray tell... a 2C??? that is ONE over the moon guy for you! Hmmm--- If I changed my answer from "only you" to something else I think he would--- well I dunno what he would do.

As for the bull butter did your guy ever give you any? Mine does. The minute I call him out on his bad behaviour he twists it back to me. Usally hitting below the belt. I'm rendered defenseless. He does it evey time. He know what hurts the most and I don't know why he always goes for the jugular. Then when I retreat after a day or so he will act like nothing is wrong. AND never with a phone call always a text, as if to see how angry I am with him. If I bring up whatever hurtful thing he says, he will say something like "awww your too sensitive" or "stop reading into things".

I think he is so used to my "retreating" he just waits for the smoke to clear and then comes back. It hurts me though because I don't know why he says some of the insensitive butter he says to begin with. It's like he wants a reaction and when i flip he acts all like "whats wrong now?".

I probably should just ignore him. I bet that would get the best reaction. Then every time he says something I don't like just ignore it and him. Politly leave. Maybe then he will get the message.

Or not, who knows. I'm so deeply in love with him. I never say it, but he knows. Its uncanny how he always knows what I'm thinking even if I don't say a word. He'll pop out with something as though he was peeking into my thoughts.
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