Lost my scorpio...??

By hellosaggyAugust 16, 2017 5:14am — 3 replies
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hello im a taurus woman had been in an intense relationship with a scorpio man for 4 years there was a secret drug addiction hidden from me for sometime has been hard to get through since that happened and it was rocky i was trying my best but
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so ive known this scorpio guy for about 3 years just recently this year hes shown real interest in me he told my mom it took us a while to actually start going out and spending time together when were together is actually really nice we have a l
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im a virgo woman im really crazy about a scorpio man i met him one year go he was my work colleague at the time i was engaged but i was generally interested in him we speaked but not on a regular basis we both left works and we were not speaking
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hi everybody im a virgo man asc cancer she is scorpio asc scorp we met in class and she told me she never felt anything stronger when she saw me for the first time our 8 first months was awesome full of passions everything sex etc was aweso
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lets say that a scorpio talks to a girl from time to time and tries and tries to get to know her and talk about topics with her of course hes always the initiator what would be a scorpios true intentions behind this do they have an interest in th
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i loved this guy so much still do even if i hide it so freaking well we lasted for a year and last week we broke up now he blocked me for 3-4 days on whatsapp and last seen in other social media is 1 day ago his final message in whatsapp is sorry
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been dating a taurus off and on for 16 years half of my life it doesnt matter how long we go without contact we always seem to run into each other or find our way back im ready for more but have to get some things in order in my life i even told him
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i know 3 ppl with scorpio rising these ppl have got to be the creepiest ppl on earth esp the one with aqua sun i just had to write this down lol therapeutic i dont see what scorpio risers have in common wit scorpio suns