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Learn more about the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

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Scorpio= Secret Keepers OR Secret Fodder Keepers
scorpio the zodiacs call to privacy intimacy secrets and trust they re notorious for being keen observers and guarded at the core with that reputation they often are called secretive but also that they keep secrets safely tucked away question i
Why are Scorpio men so scared of Leos?
like seriously everytime i have seen one near a leo they get insecure and defensive and paranoid of them
You hate us cuz you ain't us...
we really are the best though we must taste good too since we always in your mouth
Ah shit... it happened
hi there all my fellow stingers ah shit it happened i am infatuated with a stinger gent this came out of the blue and the emotions took me by surprise since i have been in a great relationship with my earthy goat for a while now long story sho
Happy Birthday Victorious
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Leave it to Scorpio
leave it to scorpio manipulating the ignorant herd into a groupie frenzy who knew that the oldest us president would be a scorpio they went out in droves to prove they were black https youtu be 6aktoiiczlo
Happy birthday @MysteriousDreamer and Elly
happy birthday mysteriousdreamer and ellybean i hope you both enjoy your special day and have a good year
*Happy Birthday peachy06*
wishing you a great birthday 5th november https gifocard com fr b 07 b happy-birthday gif
*~Happy Birthday NelsonSacrament~*
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Were you born on Halloween?
if so what is your chart like https a57 foxnews com static foxnews com foxnews com content uploads 2020 08 931 524 halloween-tree jpg ve 1 amp tl 1