July 26 - Card for the Day

By brokentarotJuly 26, 2018 3:13pm — 1 replies

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i really feel like i dont know where life is gonna bring me at the moment ive had a hard time focusing on myself until but still with a lot of struggle
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hi everyone recently i have been addicted watching a lot of tarot readings i thought it would be nice to make a thread where we can discuss and share some amazing readers too my favourites are cancermoons tarot tylers tarot eat read love tarot la d
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hi guys i am new to tarot and have a very basic understanding of it the way i interpret the cards is that the major arcana are the overall situation while the minor are the specific details so what ive been doing is a bastardised version of the 3-car
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i asked the cards what a guy was thinking and feeling about the situation with me and pulled 5 cards and got page of pents lovers 3 of cups 3 of swords the world what would you all interpret the lovers with the 3s made me wonder if there was
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i am learning tarot on my own then taking a five week course first week 1 1 2 hours we will be studying pentacles earth taurus virgo cappy by zodiac order i ordered three different tarot cards and was informed to start w the rider-wait taro
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if anyone would be prepared to give this spread a look over and interp i would be most grateful thanks 4 swords now emperor what is crossing for good or bad star basis of the question and the unconscious realms strength leavi
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i was pulling a spread for a guys feeling about me as i find mixed messages from him and i pulled the hanged man emperor and justice seemed like a pretty strong combo but none of them seem warm how would you read
love this tarot reader on youtube
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i did this celtic cross spread on a potential relationship any help even if brief would be appreciated this seems like a very interesting reading position 1 present temperance upside down position 2 immediate challenge two of wands
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hello would love opinions on this spread as it came back as so interesting with the cards i pulled background the querent and this guy have been dating a little but arent committed to a relationship yet they had an argument and the querent