What about Taurus's sexuality?

55 years old female from Ca, usa
I would like to know about Taurus men and their sexuality. I don't mean to get really personal here but I would like to know about drive, style , what turns them on in general. I'm also curious about what would get in the way of a great sex life such as life problems, worries, controlling women...lol. I thought it was time we had a very interesting thread on the message boards and seeing as how I am with a Taurus male, this would be great info for me. I'd like to hear from Taurus women as well, don't want to leave anyone out. Thanks!

female from Ireland
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I was married to a Taurus man for 10 years.
He hadn't got the greatest sex drive in the world.....twice a week was about the average.
He wasn't the biggest boy in the world either but he would spend ages on foreplay for both him and I and he knew how to work those erogenous zones big time - marks out of ten in bed a very good 8 and a half! - satisfaction was always guaranteed:-)
They love sexy underwear!They like their ladies to dress quite sexily.
Don't think they like women who come on too strong initially.
They like dirty movies:-) but then again who doesn't!!!

Good luck with your guy.

A x
I dated a couple of Taurean males in the past, the longest was 2 years. He had Aries Mercury, Taurus Venus, Aries Mars, Sag Moon. I don't think much can go wrong with these guys in the bedroom, they're pretty lusty folk and I think they a one of the few signs that can really appreciate a controlling woman, as they tend to be fairly posessive themselves.

I personally found sex was too straight forward, fantastic kisser though! Very sensual/sensitive/gentle, skilled with the hands; gave great massages! I'm not sure if it's a trademark, but I received boxes of roses but little depth (that was to my personal satisfaction), and sex got into a routine after awhile which killed it for me.

They seemed all too easily impressed with superficial appearance, sensual dress, perfume, etc. I don't think you have to say much really to impress them; it's more the body language and how you appear to them that seemed to count with my exs. (Unless they have alot of Gemini in their chart (especially in Mercury), then it's all talk and nothing much else)!

But if you're looking for dependable honest and straightforward husband type, with not too much drama, I'd a say Taurean man would be ideal.
55 years old female from Ca, usa
Hi Alana and Juno,

Wow...Those were great responses! I find with the Taurus Im with (moon in Cap, mercury and venus in Aries) that he was really slow working into anything other than routine sex, took a couple of months. His drive isn't what mine is but I have a strong sex drive. It seems to me with this man that he is always in a hurry to get to the end result even where I am concerned. He always makes sure I am satisfied but doesnt seem to have a huge amount of sensuality. I've never been with a man like this but it seems to continue to improve everyday. He might just not want to let go of emotion, not sure. As far as the relationship goes he is the best, makes me very happy and takes good care of me. He is not very verbal with feelings but will talk if asked. Yes, he does like dirty movies, seems to help him let go and get a bit wild. I really thank you for your honesty, it helps me understand him better. Thanks again

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I still say, the best sex I've ever had was with a passionate, sensual, none other but a taurus man.
43 years old male
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Taurus are best when they are in love with someone. We make love with every inch of our being when we're in love. If its just lust, or the trust hasn't been built up between the two partners, we just get right to the point.

believe that.

55 years old female from Ca, usa
Hey there SagiTAUries,

LMAO...well, well, well. I knew I could count on you to elequently state your point of view. *W* As for you question on position or entry, I would have to say a bit of column A and a bit of column B. Do elaborate on the age thing if you will, I havent heard that one yet.


Good point and I totally agree. It's more than lust but I know the trust thing is an issue for him. He does'nt say as much but he is cautious, and that is a good quality. That would make sense on the sexuality point. Thanks.


Hey sweetie...Most people agree with your statement I'm just hoping in time we will get to that point. I really think he is just afraid to let his emotions go. Don't know if that is a Taurus thing or a man that got hurt thing. Thanks for your imput.

55 years old female from Ca, usa

"whenever i was in a sexual relationshpi i always wanted to leave my dick in her all the time-- although i'm beginning to care less with age,"

My goodness SagiTAUries,

You kiss your loved ones with that mouth? LOL Don't think I've ever heard you talk like that. Just reread your post and this caught my eye, not for any paticular reason just did. Do exlain the caring less with age, my Taurian is 50yrs now. But I've been with men that age before and age was'nt an issue. So essplain please *S*
Oh, and wanted to say I loved your responses to Elliot...your horns were really showing *W*

55 years old female from Ca, usa

Hey sweetie, well I guess the decline depends on the man. My experience is that even older men still have a good drive, maybe its just the men I chose not sure. You make a good point though, when my Taurus is driven about anything, nothing breaks his concentration. Along with that though he is the same where sex is concerned. Its more of a mission than an experience. Do you hold back sexually if your trying to keep your emotions in check? I know he is falling head over heels but he is trying like hell not to. Says he's gun shy and I don't even bring it up, just let him take the lead at his pace. I've been doing the same thing where sex is concerned (which is not my nature), because I know how much Taurus's like to be in control. *W* Anyway, as always I enjoy hearing your imput. I think you two have similar charts. Thanks and don't work too hard.

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Hi Sunshine

Taurus is sensual not sexual.
Sexual pleasure is what we're looking for,
which is not just sexual intercourse.
So we have long preludes and sweet interludes, so to speak.
You can call it a mission.:-)

And I think we need love and mental stimulation to put sex to another level.
Hope this will help.
37 years old female from Canada
Sun in TAURUS Moon in Virgo Mercury in Aries
"we need love and mental stimulation to put sex to another let..."

So true for me. I can't even enjoy sex with a short term partner or someone I don't know or respect on that mental level. And the love has gotta be there. How else can you feel comfortable saying things to each other, or even looking in the other person's eyes and knowing what they want without even saying a word. Knowing their smile and sighs. This is so mental, and well, love makes it flow.
43 years old male
Sun in Taurus Moon in Libra Ascendant in Leo
I feel you on that, taurusgoddess. I've had several little "flings" in the past few years, and none of them ever add up to that soul connection I made with my last long-term girlfriend. When you truly are about someone, you will do everything to make them feel good. And when you establish that trust with a person, you will go even further.
55 years old female from Ca, usa
Thanks to all of you for your responses

Well that is what I am talking about the sensuality is missing making it a mission rather than an experience. I guess this guy is just different than other Taurus's. Still trying to figure it out...thanks so much tho *S*

I so understand what your saying but that is why I am so confused. We are practically living together we stay with each other every night and I feel like weve been married for 20yrs (just missed the courtship and the honeymoon). Everything else is great. I've heard him say he fears commitment and I have never brought anything like relationship stuff up, letting him lead. He doesnt have to tell me how he feels it just shows in everything he does (just not the sensuality department). Sex for sex sake is good, its just missing the sensuality that Libra's crave. Anymore ideas would be apprieciated.

Thanks sweetie, you know I have never initiated the sex before, afraid of being shut down. Maybe that whole gotta have you now thing would work. He loved to be needed in everyother area, I'll try it. *S*

Thanks to all of you for helping me out on this one. In the beginning I thought it was just the time and feelings thing, but its been awhile now and I know he has the feelings or he would not be here and doing the other things he does. Maybe he just expresses his love differently (shrugs shoulders) not sure. But you all give great feedback and I love hearing anything you have to say.

55 years old female from Ca, usa

Sorry, missed your post. I think you are totally correct on that, I have a feeling he has been hurt before and trust doesnt come easy. He is free with everything else takes good care of me and is extremely protective. Worries if Im not eating enough..I know he loves me, he just hasent expressed it in words or in the sensuality department yet. Weve been together as a couple going on 3 months, Im close with his children and were together most of the time. I guess i just need patience, dont know. Thanks so much for your imput it means alot.

55 years old female from Ca, usa
One more point I'd like to make. This man has told me he has waited for me for 5yrs. He remembers the day we met and has waited ever since. He would keep in touch with me even while I was married. We would go and shoot pool, I never knew he was interested. When I got divorced he was still around to hang out with (I hang out with alot of men as friends) and I never knew how he felt. I finally asked him out. So after being so persistant for so long and he has told me stories that I dont even remember about us hanging out together. Doesnt sound like someone who isnt emotionally involved. Maybe that will help. Thanks

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