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I don't want to read any deep sheet about being yourself blah blah What's normal? In a general sense. Curious Cause I think abnormal people see themselves as normal And normal people as boring
did you guys watch the season premiere? what did you think?


Secrets Every Woman Wished Men Knew When It Comes To Dating, Sex, And Relationships
Let this thread be a place for all and any (thing) you cannot plonk anywhere else lol. Let us embrace philosophy, banter, pictures, moods, thoughts and other elaborations. All trolls will be killed without so much as an ounce of mercy. Voila :)
Virgo are not physically gifted when it comes to physical straight. Their bony and skinny. Short arms and legs. very fragile. Now I know many Virgos who can fight because they have trained. This is due to the fact that they were getting their asses kicked
What kinds of things should i ask him in order to get to know him better? I want to have meaningful conversations with him. Because the quality of our conversations so far has been butter. Because it's been small talk and silly things and so far I just do
Guess Also admiring another user alot for his factual posts! Guess
Which signs are compatible to SAG sun ,cap rising and cap moon , venus and mars? I want a passionate and exciting relationship!! :D Im 18 btw

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Question about Taurus Crush

Question about Taurus Crush

*BTW: I already posted this in the Relationship section but I also wanted to see what Tauruses think about this.* Okay so I'll tell you my story first, The Beginning: I have a crush on this Taurus friend who almost knows everything about my love

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@Harruka use your imagination - like spongebob said
Including 2 race mods. I was up all night workin on the new one jghlkashgahglgdds
If you include the alternate difficulty variations of my Killable Erchius Ghost mod, I've technically made 6 Starbound mods over the course of a few days lol
@Harukka splendid. friends it is. now where do we go from here lol
@Demon7 let's us just be friends, I'm peaceful person
@Harruka nope.. only if u want me to
@Demon7 oh are u one of my demons lol
I go so brazy for my lady, I'm bangin B'z like the '80z ..
I want to be the one that you run to
All these new accts! Lol