Capricorn discretion

By DirtywonderfulJuly 11, 2020 8:08pm — 15 replies
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squared signs are said to be worst compatible if you had ever been in nice relationships with aries or libra could you please tell me your and your partners personal planets placements thank you
Caps- how is your Saturn transit?
saturn in capricorn for what seems like forever if you have cap planets whats it been like has anyone gained notoriety gotten sick famous rich married divorced children this saturn feels like it cranked the dial on capricorn to maximum
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hi i bet you business minded caps know charlie munger warren buffets partner i found an inspiring commencement speech and an interview with a sweet cancer women who gets him to loosen up slightly you guys are far less squishy than us taurusses bu
virtue signalling?
for a couple months now due to travel restrictions im not able to see this cap sun pisces moon theres a steady line of communication but i admit that i spent more time playing dbd than i have doing relationship maintenance activities so ive been acc
I just realized I've never seen a cap man post anything in here.
are they seriously that chilled out that they dont have questions to ask other people about their relationship even online i know theyre private af but not one cap man asked any question to people online whod make no judgements at all
He gets upset if I am upset
i am a taurean in long distance relationship with capricorn man just like any other relationship sometimes we face situations where we are on conflict we solve it and move past it i am glad we have that kind of chemistry but there is something which i
What could be going through his mind?
i just wanted a little insight i went to a bbq last week for a guy that i have been talking to let s call him aquarius his star sign my cap ex was at the bbq he followed me to the balcony and asked me why i never said hello to him but i genuinely
Sanity Check
so i wrote about this cap chick before weve been texting and talking for a few weeks now and its generally nice but im kind of curious about a few things that happened so i wanted to check it with any cap women or any women really so at the be
Emotional sign..?
after reading many of your posts i thought id ask how do i work out what sign sun moon etc i may be my birthday is on 15th of january so i am obviously a capricorn thanks
Question marks abt Cap guy 28?
hi all so he is cap sun taurus moon and sagg venus its not 100 because i dont know his time of birth i am virgo sun aries moon and cancer venus is it normal for caps to want to spend the entire day with you at the very first meeting like hangi