YouTube tarot monthly readings

By sweetheartsSeptember 20, 2020 6:54am — 1 replies
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Transit Jupiter crossing over your asc/rising
i m dreading jupiter crossing my asc i ve read it can cause big weight gain i really don t want that so i m trying to be very mindful of it what were your experiences when jupiter crossed over your asc my rising is 3 aquarius thanks
Sun and Moon or Moon to Moon?
in your opinion which has worked better for you harmonious sun and moon aspects or harmonious moon to moon aspects
Job in birthchart
hello everyone ive been jobless ever since i graduated ive a degree in electrical engineering decent gpa but i get turned down so ive been trying my birthchart to see where i could find a decent job im a gemini ascendant and have jupiter in the 4
hello one astrologer said i must have a terrible memory is it true that everything is so bad 04 03 2001 10 30 saint petersburg russia
What sign is your best friend?
my very best friend is scorpio sun leo moon virgo asc if we re not counting partners my other best friend is pisces sun aqua moon cancer asc we re all best friends i myself am taurus sun aries moon aqua asc
Scorpio vs Scorpio
30 years later betty broderick is still angry and unapologetic did dan play a dirty game of gaslighting and manipulation was betty unstable or just fixated on jealousy and revenge was linda an innocent or a gloating home wrecker i remember my scor
~Dark side of your Moon~ 🌙
this thread is inspired by limm who posted the dark side of leo moon earlier today ill go first moon in taurus i am the glutton more more more of everything please and i am not stubborn at all what do you mean some of these
Sun square Pluto synastry
ive been dealing with a scorpio man who i share a sun square pluto aspect with and its going downhill him being pluto is controlling the situation by being cold and withdrawing towards me but then when i try to move on he comes back every time i try
The true sex freaks of the zodiac?
could it be libra cardi b or gasp capricorn mr b s who do you think are the freaks in bed those not afraid of wap or hap whatever they prefer
Leo Men - talk and Talk and TALK!!
hi everyone i have a male leo friend and hes great but omg can he talk anybody else experience this with leo guys i have in the past worked with 2 male leo managers same you cant get a word in ever last night we had our first argument weve b