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By MyStarsShineJuly 27, 2019 1:16pm — 21 replies
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How is this person feeling ?
anyone have any insight on this reading the question is how does a male feel about b female ellygant impvlsv in no particualar order queen swords 2 cups 3 wands 5 cups 8 swords wheel fortune the guy lives in a different country to the fema
New weekly & live readings!
hello all you beautiful beings thank you for all your support if you click the little alarm on youtube you will be notified for new monthly weekly daily bonus amp live readings kisses also still doing free readings for new subscribers love an
Free tarot readings everyone!
hay what s going on i ve been doing readings for friends amp family for years now and just decided to get into 2019 in the digital world lol i do private readings as well so check it out thanks https www youtube com chan
Care & Healing Tarot
this tarot reader is the one she is strangely amazing for me and someone else agreed as well it s like how the hell does she do this she does you them and mutual energies all in one reading listen to last week of may and she just started june for
What does this spread say ?
so i did a past present future spread for myself and i am still kinda new to it so i didnt really get what the future is telling me img http i64 tinypic com 11a8wat jpg img when i look it up i get this what do you think it means tarot readings
Check out my Tarot Youtube Channel
hey guys my name is simone and ive finally created my youtube channel where im doing tarot readings for each of the signs ive wanted to for some time and finally decided to i will be doing monthly weekly and occasionally daily reads im really exc
Quick and easy question regarding a tarot reading.
i asked if someone was trust worthy and i got- seven of cups ace of swords and six of pentacles i mean ace of swords is the sign of cutting through bs but the seven of cups through me off yay or nay on this
Love reading
what does it mean when 3 of cups is next to 8 of cups and 2 of swords as outcome im the 3 of cups the other person is the 8 of cups im learning tarot but i bought the wild unknown deck still figuring out the cards today i got a reading which made
what’s a good tarot spread for this situation?
this guy i like and want and will have is in a karmic relationship right now she cheated on him twice like first 2 weeks of dating he forgave her because they were friends first and he said he understands having sex with someone her abusive mentally em
Can anyone help me with a tarot reading interpretation?
i had a reading because i m planning on seeing a friend july 9 1994 i recently reconnected with next year and wondering if more will develop after or during the trip the cards i got were 6 of cups temperance king of cups the lovers and ace of penta