Your favorite Cancer Quote?

By ParkourlerFebruary 16, 2021 9:03am — 5 replies
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Should forgive this cancer?
I'm not sure if most of you are familiar with my libra-cancer threads, long story short, we started off as fwb, turned into a deep meaningful sth, and by that time we decided to be official I found out he was flirting with other girls on instagram, even e
What's the win?
I have this cancer female friend. We dated for two weeks about 7 years ago, but since then we continued being friends as she stated that she doesn't see me as more than that. Let's say our relationship is a bit weird. W've been through way too intense mom
Cancer (the Crab) Appreciation
I think this is a sign I don't get to see often. But I remember this Cancer lady who I use to work with, and she was really laid back and fun to be around. So I want to take a moment to appreciate all the Crabs out there.
How do Cancer Guys date? (Any cancer guys present?)
We're both 27 and met last November. At first we wrote regularly and got on really well. But suddenly he withdraws completely. No longer replying to my messages and that has been for almost 2 months. I've actually given up on it, but every time I link mut
Waiting for a Cancer Man worth it?
Hey guys, so I am a Capricorn girl dating a Cancer man for about 3 months now. We see each other 2-4 times a month. When we meet we spend 6-7h together. He texts me everyday and we have this deep connection going on. The relationship between us is light
When time is taken apart
do cancers test out other relationships before realizing the one they love got away?
Why do Cancers
Why do Cancers think buying a gift will make things better?
Do cancer like to talk about sex a lot or it is just my cancer friend? So, to clarify , yes, we do talk about everything, but most of our conversations is about how he would want to do to me. He keeps me a little bit confuse, bc he keeps saying he like
Cancer Mood Swings.
Yooo how do you guys manage to Go from a cool happy conversation... to bitchy in like 20min. So my ex date Cancer, we still talk like we always did since we met, yesterday he was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner... and he was still texting me, sending m
Cancer came back now he wants to be friends. Now what?
So if you didn't see my previous post about my cancer here's a link, please read it before commenting on this one. So, following on the previous post. Cancer