what does it mean

By virgoOPPPAugust 16, 2022 4:23pm — 16 replies
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vivid, sexual, intense dreams
they feel so damn real i wake up breathing hard my heart pounding and my cl t kitty throbbing i know its tmi d lmao i know women can have wet dreams but this is diffffferent these dreams have been happening on and off for years but its been mor
Strange dream about a celebrity
two days in a row i had a dream about kurt cobain and im ot sure what it means i can t remember the last time i had a dream about a celebrity and this particular dream i can t get out of my head i was somewhere but have no idea where almost looked lik
what does it mean
if you had an odd dream of running down the stairs with a needle pointing straight up then your fave dog jumping at its point so they accidentally get killed by it this a dream i had when i fell asleep at work this dream was the immediate afterma
You ever experienced
something like this is this related to some strong aspect placement in the chart i was talking to this really old guy the other day at work and he mentioned his wife and how hes got some problem with getting info from the bank and its so weird i jus
Random dream about Orthodox Jews🧐
so i dreamt that i was meeting a group of traditional orthodox jews at a playground with their kids they were touring on a bus around the us one jew walked up to me and whispered dont tell them we are here i looked at him surprised and asked who
what does it mean?
woke up in a bed that wasnt mine in a room i dont recognize everything was white from the sheets to the walls and to my dress yet it looked like a nornal bedroom and the sun was shining brightly outside btw my hair was perfect in fact i dont look
Dreams about taurus laziness?
just dreamed that i am married to ivanka trump we were in my parents basement she was working nonstop on government stuff i was lying around in a sleeping in bag being lazy being taurus she didnt say anything but always looked at me with disapprov
what does it mean
when you have a dream of being locked in by an unknown stranger it was a short dream it started with me just sitting up in bed which happened to directly face the open door leading to the balcony of my apartment i was staring off into that space with
Could someone help my friend to interpret her dream? Ty ❤
so yesterday i had a dream about this guy i have a crush on in my dream i went on a date with him i was so happy but the thing is he didn t even really seem like he wanted to be there the whole time he was kind of cold to me and he ended the date qui
so i have some really special people that i ve met in life who swear by manifesting your dreams instead of dwelling on the negative and thus calling more of that to yourself you visualize what you want and it comes to fruition my bfff and another friend