Gemini going hot and cold

By Caseyc123September 24, 2019 9:39pm — 2 replies
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been dating a capricorn for 15 months she bought me ring and told me we basically married and she wants 30years at least with me we still stay in separate houses and she hasnt met my family seems she doesnt want to makes excuses how do i know if
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i just met with a gemini guy and i really really feel strong connection between us hes very nice person i just wanna know if it is going to last i was born 14th of january 1986 he was born 20th of june 1983 he is a quiet famous person in his country
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i am gemini lady in my 30s and for the last year have been madly inlove with a capricorn lady she is in her late 30s and we have been dating for almost a year we are a great team i am not the normal gemini that is flaky or cant commit this lady too
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i am gemini (2nd of june) and he is Cappy 10 of january
i am writing in the hope that there will be someone who will help me advise what to do in this situation me and my cappy well maybe not quite mine put in this morning picture on instagram of course with the allusion that no one has perfect body that i
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hi guys i would love to ask you random question especially to guys capricorn or girls explain me is it his tactics just to get my attention or heart to push me away to be sweet and again keep a safe distance being cold n distant and over again nice cu
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i need more real-life information about this pairing already this capricorn man is driving me crazy why cant they just go with the flow ughhhh
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