Life path 6 & 11

By kiwibeanNovember 23, 2017 4:28am — 3 replies

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progressive number
i have a book from the public library and it gives me a unfortunately complicated key to calculate the progressive number for each year it says how my last year was and how the next one will look like it involves letters from my name as well anybo
I always wake up around 4am.
ive been waking up around 4am for the past week what could this mean if there is a meaning to it
All my Numbers are 9’s, is that why weird stuff happens to me?
so my name is emily ngoc truong and i learned numerology a few years ago but when i calculated it out the numbers derived from my name were all 9 s as a whole my numbers are name 9 personality 9 destiny soul 9 birthday 2 life path 3
New in the forum..
great day guys im josefina i cant find the introduction thread so i decided to move over here ive been curious at the same time interested in reading numbers hoping to learn and understand more about number reading
Numerology of lovers
you and your partner an ex celebrity crush example me born 29 ex libra gf is the 27 give as many examples as you want more is better and if with a partner or an ex is or was the relationship a success example me 29 and
Lifepath 1 with lifepath 1 or 5
hey guys i am born on 14th january 1993 so i am a lifepath 1 and my significant other is a lifepath 5 march 30th 1988 i would like to know the compatibility between the two of us i would also like to know if i am compatible with a guy born on novemb
Lifepath 3
can anyone share any knowledge of this lifepath number ive just learned im a lifepath 3 thanks
What to do with my career?
friends i am new to numerology and just trying to grasp the subject after reading a few articles on numerology i came to know that you should choose your career based your life path number in order to be successful i see a logic in this otherwise why
Any Scorpios into numerology?? post your lifepath
i just got into numerology a couple a days ago i wanted to post this in the numerology room but i only wanna know my fellow scorpios lifepath number i know this thread is gonna take days to pick up lol so dont rush to answer lifepath 22
july 16 1997 im a 22 4 i honestly hate it there is some days im like yass i have a purpose to fulfill learning about things to apply it to my journey others days im like 2 secs aways from popping pills and going back into the stars th