Selfish, Self-absorbed Fuckers

By caligulaMarch 30, 2011 11:34pm — 110 replies
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alright ive been friends with a libra girl for several months now we can have long conversations because we get along
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i know tons of virgo and they all come off as selfish when i bring it up they always have a nice excuse whats up w
How To Deal With Selfish Ish?
aries if you have any clarity you realize at times that you are selfish what is the best way to get you to be on even
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i have a question from you bulls out there what im noticing about the bull that i have lived with for the past ye
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why do people say that they are the most powerful water sign but yet so damn selfish i have many scorpios friends and th
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o h m y g o d my cap fwb is so selfish when it comes to sex i know for a fact most guys arent like him and ive onl
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ok still trying to understand this yo-yo behavior of virgos it just doesnt make sense to me lol when you pull yo
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i was involved in a relationship last year with a piscean male well it was all working out fine until he decided to say the love word one month into the relationship btw his excuse was that it was the alcohol he had drank that night then a few week
Cancer the most selfish water sign?
i find us to be the most selfish water sign first when dealing with emotions pisces always try to hide it and put on a cheerful front to most of the world scorpios never show emotions to strangers we cancers are the only one that let the who